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After my dad came and interrupted Jasper and I we just layed there as I fiddled with my guitar for awhile.

"Will I ever get to hear you sing?" Jasper stated breaking the silence as I tuned my guitar.

"Um maybe I got to back to writing new songs though." I responded before putting my guitar down.

"Please?" He begged, grabbing my hand in his own.

".. One day." I answered, getting up and grabbing my laptop.

"What music do you like?" I asked looking up at him, while he though of an answer.

"I like jazz, and some country not as much as you would think though." He stated, laughing at the stereotype.

"What about you?" He asked, as I put my laptop down and layed beside him on my bed.

"I like manly underground stuff like watsky, Alec Benjamin and other stuff." I answered, thinking about my favorite songs.

We were playing in content silence before Jasper's phone started to ring.

"Yes? Oh yes I'll be home soon." Jasper answered his cell before hanging up.

"Alice needs help decorating for Bella's party, I'll see you tomorrow darlin." He stated as he put on his coat and shoes before leaving through the window.

"You know one of these days you're gonna leave through the door!" I shouted out as he landed on the floor while laughing.

I didn't hear a response, as I got up and started filling out my senior forms, such as emergency contact and ect.

It was about two hours till I finished the forms and went downstairs. I started making dinner.

I was making chicken parmesan, with french bread.

It was around a half hour before I heard my dad start coming downstairs and enter the kitchen.

"Hey sweetheart." Dad greeted sitting down at the table as I layed out the french bread.

"Hey Dad." I responded excited for tommorow getting ready to pull the chicken out of the oven.

"Thank you for making dinner." He stated, digging into the food after I sat down on the table.

"No problem, dig in!" I responded happily before sitting down and grabbing some kool-aid to drink.

"So you have your psych appointment tomorrow." Dad stated almost finished with his plate.

"I can't go I have a birthday party." I exclaimed putting my plate and my dad's in the sink.

"You have to go." Dad responded getting up, and heading to clean the table.

"Dad I promised Alice, I can't just not go to my own birthday party!" I yelled out pissed that my dad didn't understand, getting ready to go upstairs.

"You're not going and that's final! Go up to your room." Dad demanded as I stomped up the stairs, before slamming the door to my room.

I got my phone out and called Alice, still fuming about the argument.

"Hey Clove! Are you excited about tomorrow?" Alice asked after she answered the phone.

"Yea.. Alice about that. My dad and I just for into a fight because he is making me go to my phychiatrist appointment tomorrow." I stated upset, sitting down on my bed.

"Oh, well we'll just have to give you your stuff tommorow at school." Alice responded.

"You guys didn't have to get me anything, and I'm really sorry." I exclaimed, feeling bad for not being able to make it.

"Nonsense we wanted to! And it's fine just bring the cupcakes to school." Alice brushed off.

"Yea definitely will! I'll see you tomorrow Alice." I stated before hanging up the phone.

I got off my bed and changed into some comfortable pajamas before laying in my bed.

I heard my phone rining and got up to grab it, I opened it to see Alice's contact.

"Hey Clove? I have some questions since you are not gonna be there to help last minute touch up's." Alice greeted, she did realize it was like nearly 1 am right? Nevermind vampires dont sleep.

"Alice? You do realize I'm human I need sleep to live, I promise I'll answer your questions tomorrow." I groaned getting ready to hang up.

"No! You are gonna do this now." She demanded before, asking me questions and than she had me help her choose what Bella should wear.

"Alice you are my best friend, and I love you but I need sleep." I groaned into the phone smashing my face into the pillow.

"Aww I love you too Clove, but just a few more minutes?" She questioned in a pleading voice.

"A few more minutes." I agreed, a few more minutes turned into an hour, and I ended up falling asleep on the call with her.

Around twenty minutes after I fell asleep Alice realized I stopped responding and hung up.

I slept soundly for the rest of the night and it was nice.

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