Part 2

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What had happened between Arnavji and Lavanyaji that they broke up? Why did she leave him when she loves him so much? And why did he marry me all of a sudden? He is not happy with me, neither am I. Then why did he marry me?

"Khushi bitiya, are you alright? " Nani asked Khushi.

"I am fine naniji" Khushi answered.

"Then why are you making jalebis bitiya, you told your will make halwa", Nani said.

Khushi got shocked when she saw a mountain of jalebis. She was supposed to make halwa, as Lavanya loves halwa, but she ended up making jalebis.

"What's bothering you dear? " Nani asked cupping her face.

"Nothing Naniji, I will make halwa now"

"No bitiya, it's alright, jalebis are fine. I think you should rest for a while, you have been in the kitchen since morning"

Khushi nodded her head.


"I missed this so much! " Lavanya exclaimed after tasting the food.

"Hello hi bye bye, how will you get such tasty Indian food in London? " Mami boasted.

"Lavanyaji, what did you do after going to London? Didn't you miss us? You didn't call me even once. " Khushi pouted.

"I am so sorry Chamkili, I was busy in expanding my business " Lavanya answered.

"Business? " All asked, except for Arnav.

"Yeah she had started business a few months back. She is no longer a model, she is a business woman now. " Arnav said.

"And ASR helped me a lot" she said.

Khushi looked at Lavanya and then Arnav.

They were in touch, always.

She didn't know why but she felt weird, or rather bad.

Did he know that Lavanyaji was coming?

"Have you not found a guy for yourself yet? " Akash teased Lavanya.

Lavanya chuckled.

"I haven't got a perfect guy for me yet" Lavanya's gaze shifted to Arnav. She couldn't stop herself from looking at Arnav. Maybe she couldn't move on from the past. Arnav looked at Lavanya when she replied. He felt guilty for whatever he had done to her.

Lavanya stop drooling. He is no longer yours. Her inner self reminded her.

Khushi had noticed Lavanya drooling at Arnav and Arnav looking at Lavanya. She tried to ignore her thoughts but she couldn't.

"Khushiji" Anjali called her.

Khushi was lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear Anjali calling her.

"Khushiji" this time everyone's face shifted towards Khushi.

Arnav looked at Khushi. What was wrong with her? Why wasn't she responding?

"Khushi" he called her softly.

"Huh" she came out of her thoughts and looked at him.

"Di is calling you" he told her.

"Haan Di" she said, looking at Di.

Anjali noticed the change in her behavior, and asked her, "Are you ok ? Why are you so lost? "

"I am fine Di. Just a bit tired" she lied, "why did you call me? "

"Yeah, I wanted the butter" she said pointing towards the butter. Khushi passed the butter to Anjali.

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