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ELIZABETH PULLED INTO THE PARK-AND-RIDE located a few blocks away from Jake's house. It was around eight o'clock at night and we had just gotten off the phone with Kalama who gave us directions to his house.

We stepped out of the car in unison and shut our doors, exchanging looks of excitement. I was feeling oddly prepared and ecstatic about the party, which was strange since I wasn't much of a party goer. I grabbed my olive green zip up anorak and pushed my arms through the sleeves cleanly, ready to start the night.

We parked farther away from his house, wanting to save ourselves the embarrassment of rolling up to an upscale neighborhood in Elizabeth's used 2004 car.

The wind hiked up, cold air pushed through the rips of my black jeans. Elizabeth shivered beside me. She was wearing a warm tinted red corduroy mini skirt and a white tank top so her legs and arms were fully exposed to the wind.

Elizabeth's teeth chattered as she leaned into me. "Do you want my jacket?" I asked, unzipping it before she replied. I didn't need a response to know she did, and I was wearing a long sleeve hooded crop top underneath my anorak so I wasn't too worried about being cold either. I knew how to dress comfortably in October.

Handing her the green jacket, she swung it over her shoulders and zipped it up. "Thank you." She was still shivering.

"Yeah, anytime."

Elizabeth cleared her throat and looked towards me, her face pale in color as she curved her mouth downwards. "What happened between you two anyway?" she asked.

"Who?" I wasn't sure who she was referring to, but she seemed pretty serious.


"Oh." I knew the conversation would come up sooner or later. It actually kind of surprised me how long it took her to ask it, especially since she was such a Type-A personality type.

"I want to know why he makes you so uncomfortable."

"I mean," I sighed. "We were kinda—sorta—friends in Middle school."

"What?" She seemed taken aback.

"Yeahh," I nodded, pressing my lips together. "Jake, Kal and I hung out until, like, ninth grade."

"So," the right side of her mouth curved downwards, confused as to why that was an issue. "What happened?"

"Umm, we dated," I said it slowly. It felt weird talking about this. I wasn't sure why I kept it a secret from her all this time, and it was strange to think she was one of the only people in my life that was unaware of that time period.

"That's it?"

"Well we were together for two years and he cheated on me."

"What?" I wasn't sure what she was saying what to.

"Like you said, he's an idiot."

"I wasn't expecting that," Beth commented, smacking her lips together.

"How do you think I felt? Do you wanna know what's worse than being cheated on? Having him tell everyone that you're the one who broke his heart and that you're a compulsive liar," I rolled my eyes. "You would think he respected me enough after eight years of friendship—and more—to not ruin my reputation like that, but turns out, he did it without feeling any guilt at all."

"What an asshole." I could Jake's house now, so I knew I needed to end the conversation quickly.

"Were you enrolled in school when Kal got suspended?"

She nodded slowly. "Was it at the beginning of sophomore year or a different time?"

"Sophomore year."

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