Imani's P.O.V

"Why weren't you at school today!?" my mom yelled into the phone.

My mom was preparing to chew me out for not showing up to school, but managing to still go to dance and vocal practice. Personally I already felt like I was improving on my dancing skills. I've never really been a great dancer. Ask me to dougie, i'll be goin' to get it! Ask me to twerk, i'm on it! Ask me to jerk, i'm goin' hard! But don't ask me to do anything else.

"Mom I really don't want to talk about it" I replied.

"Wait did something happen?" my mom asked.

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"What happened hon'? Was it Diggy?" she asked sounding all motherly.

"Yeah... We just... We aren't friends anymore" I answered.

"Awwww Manii Banii I'm sorry" she said.

"Yeah it's okay though. Guess we weren't supposed to be friends ya know?"

"Yeah I understand. But I don't understand how he prevented you from going to school!!"

"Mommy... I'll explain later. Right now that topic is a little bit sensitive"

"Okay Imani. I'll talk to you soon"

"I love you"

"I love you too buh-bye"


I hung up the phone and collapsed on the bed. I covered my face with a pillow and let out a loud scream.


I applied some lip gloss on to my lips and blew a kiss to the mirror. I grabbed my book bag and my coffee and rushed out the door. I began to lock the door and then there was a loud honk. I turned towards Angel and flipped him off.

"C'MON BABE!!! YOU'RE GUNNA MAKE ME LATE!!!" he screamed from the car.

I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes. Dumb ass! I jogged to the car and hopped into the front seat.

"Jesus!! Can you lay off the horn!!!" I said hitting him on the arm.

"Well if you were on time maybe I wouldn't have to honk the horn" he replied pulling off.

"Who pissed in your Frosted Flakes?!" I yelled looking at him up and down.

"You know if i'm late again, I get detention" he said pulling up to a red light.

"You get detention all the time" I retorted.

"Yeah, but i'm tryin' to change" he said.

"Hahaha okay"

"What? I'm serious"

"Well that's good for you"

He pulled up to my school and unbuckled my seat belt.

"Wait can I get a kiss?" he asked grabbing onto my arm lightly.

I rolled my eyes and leaned over and pecked his lips.



"Have a good day"

"You too. And don't be late again!!"

I stuck out my tongue at him and entered my school. I went to my locker and entered my combo. I shoved my book bag into my locker and fixed my hair. I had Drama first period, so there was no need for any books. Jazzy skipped up to me happily and nudged me. I looked at her up and down and she cheesed harder.

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