Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Harrys P.O.V

The rest of the day This morning was so amazing and suddenly after the meeting, Anna seemed distressed. Something was on her mind and I was hoping I could tell by tonight but this whole day remained nothing but an ongoing mystery. Anna did occasionally talk to me but I found her in her study on her desktop most of the time, with her eyes fixed onto the screen and her hand kept moving between her mouse and the keyboard.

From what I have been able to see and experience, she seems to be editing something of some sort. Maybe a video? Maybe she was one of those girls that made edits of their favourite singer or actor. I've seen some weird stuff in my lifetime, God I hope that isn't what she's doing.

I watch her from the dining table being her gorgeous self. I follow her line of sight and I notice she is looking at the scenery from the kitchen window. There stood the city skyline. The lights from the traffic lights, the red and white lights from the front and back of cars and some stars shone heavenly above us. Our view was mostly far from nature, it was man made but it was pretty. Below us was a courtyard the size of a half football field.

It held more excitement than a fair. A pool was laid out in the middle, surrounded by cleanly kept trees and beach chairs and benches. A patch of small sand curved around the sides of the pool that faded out to the city secretly.

I look back at her, wondering what her mind is thinking. I wanted to know what ran through her mind daily. I wanted to know what she thought of her life, of herself...of me mostly.

'Penny for your thoughts?' I mumble at her from the bench. For a moment she doesn't look or reply, she continues to stare at the view then she turns back to me and smiles, the closed mouth type.

She shrugs her shoulders then turns back to the view. 'Just thinking.' She hums. She sounded near tired and I could tell she wasn't feeling herself. Her voice lacked the excitement she had this morning. It drained all tone of happiness.

'Just looking?' I ask her. I watch her nod her head. My stomach churns as I don't really have much topics to spark a conversation. I furrowed my brows and bit the inside of my cheek, thinking of what I should say.

'It's beautiful isn't it?' I state as she turns her head and smiles at me, this time with her teeth showing and she nods vigorously but soon turns away to the view. I smiled to myself, I'm getting somewhere.

'It really is...' she drifts off her sentence. I watch as she re-adjust her position on the chair so that her legs crossed over another and her palms sat in between her thighs.

Lord, her thighs. I would give anything to just feel them.

'Not as much as you though.' I smirked at my obvious attempt to flirt. She shakes her head and lowly giggles to herself. She doesn't turn to me though. I could see her cheeks begin to flare up.

'Is the pool for the hotel?' she lifts one of her hands pointing down at the perfect blue circle and looks up at me.

I nod my head. I didn't give a vocal answer, I was thinking of things that would come out in staggers if I spoke them. Skinny dipping was one of them. I wanted her, and if I had an opportunity to see her naked...

I had to stop myself.

'Do you want to go down?' I lean over the bench to have a proper look at it myself. As I expected it was alone and empty. No one would be swimming around in a pool that was dimmed so close to the middle of the night.

She looks over to me and uncrosses her legs. Her eyes slightly wide and her mouth parted only the slightest. Her lips were such a rosy pink colour, I wanted to feel them against mine horribly and her eyes were a bright hazelnut that gleamed in the light that was hooked into the ceiling above her.

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