Ch. 21 Behind bars

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My family got me a lawyer and try to explain that Gregg threaten me so it was natural for me to defend myself, I even mention about my past with them. I couldn't dodge what was coming, I was sentence to juvenile then prison for life for homicide. I raise my head with pride as the police men escort me to juvenile prison.

I could see the disappointment in my family's eyes, I can't imagine how my father would feel if he knew about this. A week has gone by and there was no sign of Grimmjow. Nobody was giving me a hard time until today a gang of tough looking girls bother me at lunch time in the cafeteria. One of them slap my food away to the ground, I didn't know what they wanted with me. And they sat beside me at my table and started questioning me about why did I got sent to juvi.

You: "I murdered the guy who rape me and that was it"

They introduce themselves one was Kendra, the other one was Maria, and the short one was Sidney.

Sidney: "I was sent to juvi for robbing houses"

Maria: "I for selling drugs"

Kendra: "I got here for assaulting a police officer. But you are a true psycho. So we want you to join our group"

You: "I don't know. What's in it for me?"

Maria: "Will offer protection. And together will find a way to escape"

Kendra: "What do you say"

You: "You guys toss my food at the floor and expect me to join your alliance"

Sidney: "We're sorry about that"

I then thought if I successfully break out I can find Grimmjow and continue our journey to Canada.

You: "Okay I'll join your plan"

I needed to get out of here soon. Well we began to plan our big escape, we needed to collect some of the stuff to break out whenever we have a chance. A month has gone by, and they tell me I got a visitor. It was my mom she brought me brownies, and  some news too. Apparently when she went to the location that I told her that Grimmjow was, but he wasn't there where I left him.

Mom: "If he wasn't there, he's probably is planning an escape for you"

You: "Mom I'm afraid he ditch me"

Mom: "Sweety everything will be fine"

You: "If you do see him tell him I love him"

Mom: "You don't need to tell me twice"

After my mother left I was eating my brownie when I found a small knife, I put it in my pocket and went back to my cell.

Juvenile wasn't bad as I thought I don't know about real prison but I'm guessing is kind of the same thing. Soon enough the day has ended, I was just chilling with Kendra in the same cell, she was my bunk buddy so we sometimes talk during the silent night when we couldn't sleep.

Kendra: "So do you have a boyfriend?"

You: "I guess you can say that he hasn't really ask me to officially be his girlfriend"

Kendra: "I don't like the sound of that. Have you guys fucked?"

You: "Yeah"

Kendra: "Girl how long have you known him?"

You: "Almost a year"

Kendra: "What does he look like?"

You: "Well his name is Grimmjow....He's tall, strong..he has this smile that would make you melt....he got huge muscles...spiky blue hair...two gorgeous blue eyes ... and oh he has this deep rough voice... he's just plain sexy"

Kendra: "He sounds like some hunk. Is he's dick big?"

You: "Why are you asking me that?"

Kendra: "Just curious"

My face got red from getting the image in my head.

You: "I don't want to brag but...*shows estimate measurement with my hands*... is about that big"

When I hear the voice of who I yearn,

Grimmjow: "Babe is a inch more bigger than that"

We saw him outside our window, he then breaks in through it.

Kendra: "You're so fucking hot. Do you have a brother?"

Grimmjow: "Nope I'm one of a kind"

You: "What's the plan?"

Grimmjow: "I don't have a plan"

I smack my face against my hand thinking to myself what an idiot he is for coming here without a plan.

Kendra: "We need to get Maria and Sidney first if we gonna bust out of here"

You: "Damn but how do we get out without getting caught"

Grimmjow: "I don't know but I'm free styling to what comes in mind"

He broke easily the lock, we quietly step out and went to find the girls. When we saw the flash light of someone from security, he patiently waited to take a turn and he struck at his neck knocking him unconsciously. Grimmjow then wore the uniform and took the keys and ID. We finally found them, we open their cell.

Sidney: "Who's that?"

Kendra: "That's Grimmjow, (____)'s man"

Maria: "He's so sexy"

Grimmjow: "Yeah I know I know. Let's break through y'all guys window"

He without struggling bent the metal bars and broke them, we all crawl out the window now to get over the walls. So then I remember.

You: "Grimmjow can you fly us across the wall"

Grimmjow: "Sure"

We hang onto him and we cross over the wall without a problem. The deal is off, we must go our separate ways.

Maria: "Thanks for everything I'm going to Mexico to live with my grandma"

Kendra: "I'm going to Louisiana where my family is and change my identity"

Sidney: "I'm going to see my boyfriend and my baby, thanks"

You: "Good luck avoiding the government"

After we all split up I then ask Grimmjow,

"Where now?"

He then said,

"How would you like to go to Hueco Mundo?"

"Sounds great"

"Let's go then"

to be continue......

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