Accidentally fallen for you. EXTRAS! (2)

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Okay. This is different. This is Lily's mom's POV when she noticed Lily had left. Her thoughts. It wont be as funny. But I thought you might want to know what happened)

(Lily's mom's POV)

I was running late. I had to get another fire extinguisher. Lily used the last one up. I shook my head sadly.

I was on the highway when I looked over and saw Benjamin Surrey. The boy I banned Lily from. He glanced at me and slightly jumped. He looked to his right. Away from me. And looked afraid. I must have really scared him.

I pulled up into the driveway and grabbed the groceries. The door was locked. Weird. Normally its unlocked because Lily is home.

"Lily?" I called when I got inside.

No answer. I worried. Then I saw the answering machine light blinking. I pressed play.

"Hey mom. Its Lily. I just wanted to tell you I'll be late. The bus driver isn't here yet. The traffic must be busy. Oh and what are we having for supper?"

I calmed down a bit. Then put the food away and changed into some comfy clothes.

Alex came in and went into the kitchen.

"Aw. You should have given a ride to Lily. She said the bus was running late" I sighed.

"The bus? It left at 4pm" He questioned.

"What? She should have been back then" I panicked and leaped up.

"I'll check the school" He left.

I went upstairs and looked in her room. It was different. I opened her closet and noticed less clothes.

I looked around and noticed her bag was gone. I ran to the bathroom and saw all of her toiletries were gone.

Benjamin. I raced downstairs and call her cell phone.

"This is Lily. If your from the football team. I'm still incredibly sorry. If not. Leave a sweet message" Her answering machine said.

"Lily. Please call me" I told her. Then hung up and called the police.

I explained my daughter had run away with a boy. They said there wasn't much they could do. Its too early and she is a runaway.

I was on the edge of a breakdown. Furious. I grabbed the keys and the phone book.

I was able to find where the Surrey's live. So I drove over there and banged on the door.

"Hello?" A girl answered.

"Is Benjamin or my daughter here?" I demanded.

She blinked a few times.

"Ben ran away last night" She muttered.

I knew Lily was with him.


(This is graduation. And Lily's POV)

(Lily's POV)

I was so nervous. In my mind. I pictured catching the stage on fire or falling down the stairs as I got off stage.

Ben said he would be there incase I did fall. even though I'm in the A's and he's in the S's. pretty far distance.

I put on a simple blue dress under the blue graduation gown.

Alex drove me and mom there. They found their seats.

"Good luck" Mom kissed my cheek.

"I need it" I whispered.

I saw Ben go into the room. I followed and saw a sea of blue gowns in there. I grabbed his hand and whispered.

"I'm so nervous. What if I fall? or kill someone?" I asked.

The person turned around when I realized that wasn't Ben. It was one of the football players.

"Lets hope you don't kill someone" He seemed nervous.

I let go quickly and found Ben laughing his head off at my expression. I dart over to him and grabbed onto his arm.

"You could have said something" I hissed.

"Its just so much funnier this way though" He chuckled.

They call all of us to go to our spots. I kissed Ben and got in the line of blue. I was the fourth person in line. I wished I was the last.. Why couldn't my last name be Zambezi or something?

I was shaking how nervous I was. Ben was sitting down in the S, section. I stood up and walked with everyone.

"Josh Aarons" They called. He got his diploma and went off stage and sat down.

"Lucile Aarons" She followed her brother and went perfectly across stage.

"Nicole Abhor"

"Lillian Alexander" I walked smoothly on stage and got my diploma. Everything was going great until I stepped on my gown and fell off stage. About a 4ft drop onto the kids who were about to graduate.

They screamed and I leaped up and ran out of there. I was hyperventilating in the corner when I saw Ben run out and ran to me.

"Your suppose to graduate!" I told him.

"I will. Are you okay?" He worried.

"I'm fine" I whispered.

"Ashley Johnson" I heard them faintly call.

"You should go back in there. Get ready to graduate. I'll be fine" I told him.

"Come back in there" He begged.

"How can I say no to you?" I sighed and got up.

Ben sat back where he was and I went to my seat. With people either staring or glaring at me.

When the S's got in line. Ben winked at me. What did he have planned?

There were about twenty or so people left.

"Benjamin Surrey" The person called.

Ben walked on stage and there was something weird about him. His arm looked gone. He took the diploma in his right and went to his seat.

As he passed me. He bent down and whispered.

"Watch this"

I looked at the stage and the next person. A boy, walked on stage and slipped and slid across the stage. And grabbed his diploma and got off stage. Embarrassed.

And so did the rest of the kids.

This made my little fall look like nothing compared to this.

After it was all over. I ran to Ben.

"What did you do?" I demanded.

He grabbed a bottle out of his sleeve. Vegetable oil.

"I poured it as I walked" He grinned.

I slapped him shoulder then hugged him.

"Wait. You knew I would fall?" I demanded.

"Psst. Your Lillian Alexander. Of course you would"

I would have been angry. But I wasn't one bit. Instead I laughed so hard I peed a little..

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