Its Okay

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Matt's POV

"Paige tell me what the hell happened. NOW!" I tell her sternly. I swear if that ass hurt her im gonna raise hell.

"A-Austin tried to ra-rape me" she replied tilting her head down and sobbing.

"That motherfucker!"
"Im gonna beat the freakin shit out of him, Paige! I swear." I lean over to her and pull her to my chest. She cries into my shoulder for some time until she calms down.

I knew that guy would hurt her. I knew it. But she didnt.
I wish she would understand that i would take care of her and treat her well.

As we drive down the road i keep taking glances her way. The street lights reflect on her tear stained cheeks. She still looks beautiful even though her face is still red and puffy. I bet she would be beautiful no matter what.

We pull into the hotel garage and park the car. I help her out and rap my arm around her waist as we walk to the elevator. I wish things were like this all the time, her being in my arms.

The elevator doors open and we walk in and push 19. We stand in the elevator in silence. Not an awkward silence though. We stay like that for awhile, when we reach around the tenth floor Paige turns to face me and looks me in the eye.

I look back into hers and before i know it her lips crash onto mine. For a quick moment im shicked then i kiss back and deepen the kiss. I legit felt sparks no freakin lie.

We pull apart and rest our forheads together. She smiles at me then the doors opened.

We exit the elevator and go to our suite room. When we enter all eyes are on us. ( all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus. lol sorry)

In the room there is Judith Aaron Taylor Nash Jacks Carter Jacob Hayes and Cameron and Brittany rapped up together on the couch. Wait wut? I though he liked Paige. I made a mental note to adk him about that later.

Taylor ran up to Paige and pulled her into his arms and bombarded her with questions.

She agreed to tell everyone what had happened and we all piled into the living room area. We all sat down while she stood infront of us.

"Well i guess you all have noticed I've been seeing Austin alot" she begins and some of us nod our heads in return.
"Tonight we were going to go on a date and he took me to his house to watch a movie and hang out. But.. instead of that he brought me into his room and tried to have sex with me. Then when i refused he hit me and pushed me. He told me thingd like he owned me now and that i had to listen to him or else. Then he pushed me out his front door. And luckily his apartment was on the first floor. Then i walked down the street and called Matt to pick me up, which he did. And well now im here" she finished looking at each and everyone of there faces.

The room was filled with different emotions. Anger. Sadness. Shock..

Taylor was the first to speak up.
"Im gonna kick his ass" he said. Then the rest of the guys agreed.

We all pulled her into a big hug and told her how happy we were that she was okay.

After everything was explained and calmed down we all got together and watched a movie. Halfway through Paige started to drift off so i whispered into her ear "Do you want to go to sleep Princess?"

She nodded her head and i helped her off the couch.
"Were gonna head to bed" i tell everyone and we walk towards my room. As we do i hear Jack J question, "Whats going on between those too?"
The truth is, i have no clue.

We walk into the room and i take off my shirt and crawl into my bed. I pull her in next to me and she puts her head on my bear chest. I rap my arm around her and slowly drift off to sleep.

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