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Long Island - Camp half-blood


"What?" I said/asked.

No one said anything. Artemis was still shocked, campers still staring at me, and the hunters were still glaring at me.

"Why are you all staring at me?" I asked again, trying to get away from the stares and glares, glancing at everyone, including Artemis.

That's when I got slapped across the face. Hard.

"Oww what the heck--" I stopped talking immediately. Why you ask? Because there's the lieutenant of Artemis right there...

"Oh..." I said nervously. "So you're the lieutenant of the hunters of Artemis i'm guessing?..."

I got slapped across the face again. And yes, Hard.

"Oww you don't have to do that a second t--" Okay, the lieutenant didn't slap me in the face that time. It was Artemis. Goddess of the moon and hunt.

I stood there nervously, holding my throbbing cheek from the slaps I've gotten so far. Believe me, I don't want to get slapped again.

"Oh." That's all I said. Oh. Out of all the things I could have said, I said Oh.

Artemis sneered at me. "You're lucky you aren't a jackalope boy." She said, saying boy like venom.

Maybe being a jackalope would be cool. Antlers to ram into people and all when they annoy you.

"So you want to be a jackalope boy?" said the same voice.

Shoot, did I say that out loud?

"Yes. Yes you did boy."


"Stop thinking that you aren't talking when you are, boy." she spat.

"But you're a goddess! You can probably read other people's minds!" I exclaimed.

Artemis looked like she was seriously going to turn me into a jackalope or kill me. Boy if she sent the hunters of Artemis to injure me, honestly I'd be terrified. There's nothing more terrifying than a group of girls trying to murder you!

"Okay, okay I'll shut up." I mumble.

Artemis smiled. Oh now she smiles!

"Now why don't you explain to us why you are here at camp half-blood?" She asked.

"The big three sent me here." I replied back.

She raised her eyebrow. "And for what reason?" She asked.

"There might be a war coming up." I replied, walking through the crowd of demigods calmly.

Artemis' eyes widened. "War? What war?" She yelled, going after me.

"Oh, The war against time." I said, still walking towards the crowd of demigods. Man there are a lot of demigods. The gods need to stop with their... stuff.

"War? Time?" She said, putting the puzzle pieces together.

"Yeah. When I was guarding the front gates to Atlantis I felt/heard an explosion. My guess was that it was from an underwater volcano, but those are way in the deep. So I went to the source of the... Explosion and found a fissure."

"So what? It's just a fissure!" An arrogant camper yelled out.

I turned to the campers.

"Yeah but there were golden writing coming out of the fissure... In Ancient Greek." I explained.

I heard some kids gasp. Some confused.

"So what?! A bunch of gold writing, that means nothing!" The arrogant camper yelled back.

I glared at him.

"Why don't I tell you what it said?" I say questionly, raising an eyebrow.

"Just tell us already!" Yelled the arrogant camper. How pathetic, not even showing his own face.

"Why don't you come up here and talk to my face instead of hiding in the crowd? Or are you too scared?" I taunted.

Then the 'arrogant' camper pushed through the crowd, showing his face. The first thing I noticed were his red eyes. 'A son of Ares. Of course.' I thought.

"Tell us what the golden writing said." He growled demandingly.

"Tell me your name first." I shot back, smirking.

"Zak Alette." He said back, glaring at me.

"Well Mr. Alette, the golden writing said: 'Time has returned, If time wins all shall face the golden age'."

He stared at me as if I was insane, then he glared at me again.

"How do we know you're telling the truth?" he asked, still glaring at me. Man, what's up with everyone glaring at me today?

"Uh, First of all, I would have let the monsters destroyed you all, and I would have taken over the entire camp by now. You all would be pretty much dead-- Killed by me." I replied.

Zak stopped talking immediately and mumbled a curse in Ancient Greek.

"Golden writing? Time?" Asked a curious camper. Most likely a daughter of Athena.

"That could only mean one thing..." She said, putting the pieces together, only one piece was missing. Her eyes opened up in realization when she put the last piece in.

I finally got to my cabin door. "That's right, the Titan Lord Kronos is rising. Golden writing, time, what else could it be? The primordial god Chronos?" I teased.

I opened the cabin door.

"Wait! What are we supposed to do?! How do we stop Kronos?!" She yelled.

I turned around and finally got a good view of her. Golden blonde hair, stormy grey eyes, a dagger in her hand. And a Yankees cap hooked to her shorts.

"Well to stop him... What's your name?"

"Annabeth. Annabeth chase."

"Well to stop him Ms. Chase, you have to train and be ready when the time comes." I said, going into the cabin and slamming the door.

I sighed. 'Finally. Time to sleep...'

Finally finished the chapter... I cried in joy when I finished it. I don't know if this is a short chapter or not... It's around eight hundred words so I'm think I'm alright... Yes, yes. I'm typing this on my iPod. It's not as bad. You just can't check the word count. Bleh.

Anyways bye <3

Btw I got my blue feathered mask back on AJ so all is good. You don't have to trade with me (:


Btw... Next chapter is a surprise! (; hope you enjoy the POV!


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