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This story was written and is based around 10 years ago (ish). It's amazing how much technology has advanced in the past ten years, but it's not even huge things like flying cars and teleportation. It's in the small things we do, the everyday tasks. How we communicate seamlessly via text and social media has changed significantly and it's going to keep changing.

There is a discussion going on about how the events of movies in the 1980's and 1990's could never happen today because of cellphone technology and it's absolutely true.  It applies to books as well.

I chose to keep the setting and story based in and around 2006, so there are some limitations on communications and people aren't running around posting crime-scene videos on YouTube, texting isn't as prevalent (still expensive) and in a small island like Barbados, change is slow and the legacy of British post-colonialist bureaucracy has become an art form.

What I'm saying is "chill on the tech" and enjoy the story.

Content Warning: It's a serial killer, so there is blood, gore and disturbing sexual situations. You've been advised.

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