Prologue: The Door To The Other Side

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"Hey mom... I'm home!" I called out as soon as I entered the house. "Hey sweety. Want to help me out here in the kitchen?!"

I heard mom say from the kitchen as I nodded, (even if I knew she couldn't see me) and entered the kitchen.

"What are we making?" I asked her as she was mixing the sauce.

"Lasagna sweety. Isn't it your favourite?" My eyes started to glisten. "You continue to stir this and let it simmer after a few more minutes and tell me when you're done stirring so I can set the timer."

She explains as I nodded my head once again and stirred.

After a few minutes of stirring I called out to my mom. "Mom I think it's time to let it simmer." I said as she came to the stove and put a cover on top. 

"I'll be on my room mom.. Okay?" She nods at me and smiles as I exit the kitchen and up the stairs.

I went to my room and laid down. "I'm so bored..." I pulled my phone from my bag and decided to just watch videos.

But a sudden rumble came from behind my bed.

"What the?" I listened and there was a rumble again.

My phone slipped from my hand and fell behind my bed. 'Dammit' I thought.

I pushed my bed aside and saw a little door there. "What?"

I opened it. Being the curious girl I am...

Where could it lead to?

The inside of the door was...strange...

It was like a little hallway... Dark, cold, scary and... Lonely...

Thinking about it... It wouldn't hurt if I took a little peek inside... Right?

I crawled in and I still held my phone... Just in case if I-

The door... Where is it?! IT'S GONE!! No... No this can't be happening... No... Why did I even do this?!

My only hope is through that other door. If there are nice people there, I may get aome help from them.

I continued to crawl until I reached the end. I opened it slowly.

It was something I've always liked to have in my room, Posters of people I looked up to.

A balcony. The fresh air.

A little second floor above the room where all my wanted books were kept in.

It had the design I've always wanted to have in my walls. I kept looking around and it even had a hidden conpartment.

'What even is going on?'

Then, a figure entered the room...

"Who are you!?"

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