Chapter IV

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I gasped when I regained consciousness.

That image; to see my parents as if they were waste, prisoners, see them as if they were nothing at all... It devastated me so much I fell to the ground and started to cry at the top of my lungs. Impossible, I thought. It was simply impossible.

The King and Queen prisoners, the princess cursed, the faeries lost and the entire, condemned kingdom, desperate. I clenched my fists and teeth, trying to forget what I just saw, but failing once again. Both images and sounds were still present in my mind, repeating endlessly so they could drive me mad.

A soft moan made react and see who was beside me, and when I saw Gail, I blame myself for worrying her. The girl has black tears on her cheeks, the sign of someone who has been on Dreamare for a long time. I started to talk, hoping it would help her forget whatever saw or thought saw in my face.

My tears disappear as soon as I knew she was in there, and luckily she never saw them. That was one of the advantages of being a ghost. Emotions are only those you want to show, and nobody would ever notice if you were old enough to do it.

"Hi honey," I barely smile, "how are you?"

"Regular, like always," a grim covers her face as she tries to smile at me, but she can't hide her emotions.

"Have you done something interesting?" I stand up from the ground, cleaning my dress with both of my hands.

"Not really, you know, steal what I need, eat, sleep the same as always..."

"I see, well, if you like, we could make something, what do you think?"

"I was just walking, I don't feel like doing anything, sorry," the poor girl, to see her sad face always made me want to see her happy.

"Oh, well, if you want to do something, tell me, okay?" I wink while I smile.

"Yeah, see you later, Alynne."

"See you later, honey."

When she turned around and walked away from me, I felt tears  once again. She was so young, such a beautiful girl, and she was in a place like that, trapped just like I was, just like rats. No one knew anything about her real life, where she was from or about her family, but I could still feel some of her memories and feelings.

Alone, I thought about someone who could help me find some answers. I was tired of the side effect. The curse was supposed to keep me dreaming, to keep me trapped in that plane, not to also tell the Tenth that I was spying in my homeland and the palace.

I looked around me, seeing nothing and anybody near to me. I kneeled to the ground, closed my eyes and stretched my arms. After a deep breathe, I focused on my breathing, feeling a change in my skin, a new layer above it, something silky and soft, very comfortable.

I saw it after opening my eyes. My sëol, a spirit, guardian clone of my, with empty, dark eye holes in its face as the only difference. It's a creepy vision I'm not used to see, like a corrupted reflection of myself, and, in more than one sense, that's an almost real description for such a creature. I calm myself and look at it.

"Good afternoon, Majesty, how are you?" It speaks while kneeling before me.

"Very well, thank you, what about you?" I see her right at its holes to make it clear that I'm not afraid of it, not completely.

"Perfectly and waiting to be at your service." Still on its knees, the false woman doesn't dare to see me right to the eyes, with hers always watching the ground. It's easy to fall with such a vision, thinking they are completely honest...

"I need to find someone and need you to help me," before merely thinking on doubting, I spoke loud and clear, as it was supposed to be with a sëol.

"Of course, Majesty, how is it you need me to serve you?"

I smiled while speaking, "Turn into fog, I do not want anyone or anything at all to see me."

"As you wish, Majesty," it makes a shorter bow, just with its head, and immediately the creature is a big cloud that covers all around me and, as it has learned by the time, makes me invisible. Perfect, as always.

The forest around doesn't intimidate me anymore, as I got used to live in there. Grey wood and black leaves, red flowers all around and little animals, non of them bigger one of my hands, making different noises as I walk, but it's an environment I've learned to like and respect, and to fear as well.

Dreamare it's the perfect place to remember that beauty can also mean danger. The most innocent flower is poisonous enough to kill a horse, and a drop of water from the wrong lake could melt an entire three

While I walk, I hear her voice in my head that cuts my thoughts. "Majesty, excuse my imprudence and indiscretion, but may I know who are you looking for?"

I remember my mother's words. Never let you sëol know your plans, no matter what, and with that in mind I answer to it. "Someone very important to me that I need to see right now." I breathe again after talking, calmer than before. Sëols don't ask twice, unless it's completely mandatory, and so silence fills the air from that moment on.

Now more relaxed, I pay attention to my surroundings. The fog doesn't exist for me, but no one out of it can see inside. It knows exactly what I want when I ask for something, one of the advantages of have a royal sëol. The thought makes me smile unwittingly.

The walk last a few more minutes before I see what I was looking for. Between three trees with blue roses, there's a shadow barely visible, only clearly seen to me, in the gray grass, but her body is still hidden from all the eyes. "You can go now, thank you so much," I say to release the creature.

"You are welcome, Majesty. Call me if you need anything else," and the fog starts to vanish in the air, leaving me visible again for outsiders. However, I'm not afraid. The middle of the forest could be a dangerous place even for me, but not for her.

One of the very few I knew I can trust in that land.

One of the very few I knew I can trust in that land

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