(24) Rivals [Part 3]

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Warning: Please read Part 1 and Part 2 before this!

Requested by: Dream_Loves17

Ohoho, a part 3? Let's see how it goes. 😏

BTW, this is going to loooong!


It had been a few days since the fangirl fiasco. And everything went on smoothly.

Hiro and you still hate each other, even tho you (accidentally) let him inside your lab that time.

Right now, you were just on your lab, waving a (F/c) pen around like it was a small wand, bored out of your life.

Suddenly, the door bursted open with a Bang! and you quickly whipped your head towards the door, startled at the sudden noise.

There, you saw Honey Lemon (you were great friends with the gang but not Hiro) with an excited look that made you nervous.

Why would it make you nervous? It's because her grin is waaaay too big for her face right now and when she has a grin like that, it's up to no good, or maybe she just has a plan.

"Hi (Y/n)!" She greeted cheerfully, skipping towards you.

You gave her a small smile, since you were suspicious, and nodded. "Hey, Honey."

"What brings you here?" You question, watching as she skips around, making some twirls.

She grinned. "My sister is having a wedding!"

"Oh." You muttered, giving a sigh of relief quietly. "That's great!"

"I know right! [Chemical metal embrittlement! (Idk)] And she told me to invite my friends, in which you are one of mine." She explained, still continuing to skip happily around.

You hummed, and nodded your head, understanding. "So, when is it?"

"She said that it's just a few weeks away! So we can shop some dresses!"

You cringed, the thought about wearing a dress in your mind. You weren't fond of dresses exactly. [Eh. I like wearing dresses lol. It's actually more comfortable than my jeans, which are freaking long. My mum just buys things that are too large or long for me. She says that I'll go over them soon. IM 4'7 WHY]

"Oh, and she told me that you need to have a date!" Honey Lemon chirped.

"A DATE?!" You screeched, standing up and knocking your chair over (You didn't mind anyways). "Why do I need a date?!"

She shrugged. "She just said so, besides, I already picked for you!"

"Who?" You questioned, squinting your eyes suspiciously at the blonde in front of you and crossing your arms, tapping your foot impatiently.

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