On a rainy day - BBC Sherlock (Mystrade)

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The small café was full of people, as it was pouring outside.  Lestrade was one of them. He hadn’t expected it to rain today, so now he sat by the window and waited it to pass by. He had no money for a cab either, just enough to buy a coffee. He sighed. It didn’t look as if the rain would stop anytime soon. It was a twenty minute walk home. Well, there no helping it. Lestrade could either stay in the café for the next few hours or endure twenty minutes in the rain. Just as Lestrade was about to step outside the door, his phone went off.  He looked at the text message and a small smile crept on his lips.

Are you intending to walk home in this weather? It’s rather unpleasant.


Are you observing me?


Yes, of course I am. Care to answer my question?


Don’t have a choice. No umbrella, no money.


I could provide you with both if you want me to.


Only need the former.


Instead of a reply a black car pulled up nearby and a man in a black suit stepped out, holding a dark umbrella. Lestrades heart made a little thud and his previously small smile widened. Mycroft walked over to him, opening his umbrella on the way. He stopped in front of Lestrade, holding the umbrella over his head and the detective inspector stepped beside him. Their arms touched slightly, sending a shiver down Lestrades spine.

“Do you want to have dinner first or shall I accompany you home right away?”  Mycroft asked, trying to sound casual, but the predatory grin that played around his lips told otherwise. Lestrade had to clear his throat before answering.

“I’m not hungry yet, but we can always have dinner later” Lestrade loved rainy days, especially when he forgot his umbrella.


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