Drink Me

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DRINK ME: by D Faust

Pulling the napkin out of my pocket, I checked the room number again. Three Zero Four in delicate script underlined by a kiss in pink lipstick. It smelled like her - bubblegum - and the root beer and spiced rum I'd served her. That's what interested me at first. It's not often I get a drink order like that one so I had to ask her again if she didn't mean rum and coke. The girl laughed like a tinkling bell and shook her head, her blonde curls bobbing.

I'd seen beautiful women in the hotel bar before. The ones this weekend were unique in that they were dressed for the Steampunk Convention the hotel was hosting. Women in a range of costumes from modest Victorian dresses to brown and brass BDSM gear and everything in between. She was in between, her outfit looking girlish with short skirt and petticoats brushing the tops of her pale thighs, her stockings barely reaching her skirt hem. I noticed her dress was patterned with teacups and playing cards that made me think of Alice in Wonderland. I watched the movie a few years ago, high as a giraffe's ass and couldn't recall anything as sexy as this girl in it. I'd happily watch it again if so. The way her hair was done in ringlets and her blue eyes were made up she looked like an Alice doll. I had to take a long hard look at her I.D. before serving her drink.

Abigail Matthews, twenty one years old...barely. If it was a fake I.D. it was a damn good one. I'd been tending bar long enough to see the gamut of fakes. She was as pretty in her driver's license photo as she was in real life, even if her hair was pulled back in a ponytail instead of styled like Goldilocks.

The elevator stopped at the third floor. I got out and stuffed the napkin back in my pocket. Pausing in the hallway, I took a moment to think about what I was doing. She'd been alone. I asked why at the bar and she explained she was speaking at the convention, something about Japanese Lolita fashion. I don't think she expected me to understand beyond her gestures at her own outfit. All I could see was a girl that looked good enough to eat.

I gotta admit, I have a bit of a corruption fetish that she played right into. There's just something about taking a girl dressed like an innocent and defiling her wet holes that makes me hard as a rock. My cock twitched at the idea as I started down the hall.

Abigail giggled at every joke I told her at the bar, even the dumb ones. I could tell she was interested but I couldn't figure out why. There were plenty of guys attending the convention. I served plenty of local beers, glasses of wine and absinthe, and a few whiskeys to most of them. Some of them looked damn dapper in their vests and kilts and top hats.

I wore the hotel uniform, my starched white collar and cuffs contrasting against my dark skin, carefully covering the tattoos that cover my body from wrist to neck. The hotel didn't care that I had them so long as no one saw them at the bar - they never said the guests couldn't see them in the rooms, of course. My collar was getting pretty damn uncomfortable, as well as my tight black pants as I approached the door to her room.

The metal oval marked 304 gleamed above the peephole. The Do Not Disturb hanger was placed on the door knob. I checked my phone, it was nearly two in the morning. She could be asleep, giving up on the bartender that worked late hours. I shoved my phone back in my pocket and knocked. You never know.

After a moment I could hear the door unlocking then the knob turn.

She stood just within, shadowed in the darkness of the room but easy enough to see as light streamed in from the hall. Gone was the Alice in Wonderland dress, white stockings, and the little brown Mary Janes she wore at the bar. In their place was a white teddy with eyelet lace that barely skimmed the tops of her thighs. Her full breasts threatened to spill over the top and strained against the ribbons that held the straps in place. I thought I could see the outline of her pink nipples through the flimsy fabric. Her makeup remained, still giving her a doll-like appearance. An undressed doll.

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