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Ronnie walked into work, his eyes constantly on her. Taylor, the little girl he had bullied in middle school, was now an attractive and kind young woman. And Ronnie, once the young immature boy had grown into a tall, fine man. His smile was rarely shown, but after a few days of getting reacquainted with his new co-worker Taylor did it now show.

How many times he wondered, had they passed each other in the hallways and never given a single thought about the other. The bullying was never serious, just something he had done for the attention he supposed.

But after this reaquaintance of being known to one another again, and working so closely did he begin to thin k more in depth of who she was. Who she really was, what she liked and didn't like. And most of all, if she could've forgiven him for such a stupid thing he had done. Apology was the first start.

While Taylor filled up a cup of soup for a customer, working only inches away from Ronnie, he listened to her hum a song. Her voice was rich and soft. He remembered vaguely her being in choir concerts, remembered seeing her up on stage in her dress. He smiled for a moment and figured it was now or never.

He looked over his shoulder and caught her eyes just as she turned and then smiled, politely dodging out of his way to sit the hot soup down on the counter. To his surprise, she spoke first.

"How is your day, Ronnie? Doing okay?" She asked. He noted that he wasn't special, it was just her usual routine of asking people, but he also saw the genuine care in his eyes.

Little did he know that Taylor had been thinking of him too lately, and about the same things. What would a relationship be like with him, she thought? Even just a strictly friendly one? He seems like a nice guy now.

Ronnie smiled a little at her, something he also noted that he had been doing a lot at her. Specifically at her. And his coworkers were noticing. Just yesterday his manager Nick who had been training Taylor spoke up to Ronnie about his eyes following her a lot. He almost blushed at the memory.

"Good...uh, how are you?" He buried his hands with setting out a plate for her and then grabbed the next receipt out of the printer.

"I'm tired..." It was half sigh half whine, and Ronnie noticed the tinged of purple under her green eyes.

He nodded his head slowly.

"What can you expect I guess from school and work at the same time?" He used this as an excuse to know when she worked with him next. "Do you work tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I work the rest of the week..." She didn't seem delighted, but then again, who would. "You?"

He shrugged and didn't let that smile out. They would work together everyday this week together.

"Me too."

She smiled a little at him and then blinked and jumped when her boss Alma called for the order of soup.

"Oh! Sorry! Be right back." She grinned at Ronnie before leaving to take the order back up to Alma.

When she returned Ronnie started the conversation that made him want to cringe.

"So...about middle school."

"Mm hmm, what about it? That was a long time ago." It was as if she already knew what he was talking about.

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