Chapter 3

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(A/N: *greeting screech* Here's a long boi for ya since the last one was so short. I'm a couple chapters ahead writing wise, and I'm kinda stuck sooooooooooo sorry if updates are a tad slow in a couple chapters. In the meantime, enjoy whatever the shit this is. Also, just to clarify, this fic takes place after Homecoming and before Infinity War. If you haven't seen either, I highly recommend it. Just makes sure you bring like three boxes of tissues to both, you'll need them. *parting screech*)

The first thing Peter felt when he woke up was confusion. He was wearing his Spidey mask. Where exactly had he fallen asleep? His brain returned to the night previous, and it all came back in a rush. Aunt May's bloody body, laying on the kitchen floor. Tony Stark picking him up in the middle of the night and comforting him while he sobbed. Back in the present, Peter suppressed another one, the tears returning and burning his eyes. He took a couple breaths before attempting to figure out where he was. He deduced that from the rich and fancy interior of the bedroom he was lying in that he was in one of Tony's houses, or possibly even the Avengers Facility. He doubted it was the last option, but a spider could hope.

It was a while before he mustered the emotional strength to kick his feet over the edge of the bed and finally stand. When he did, he found that he was standing on jello legs. He steadied himself against the frame of the bed with one hand. He took another deep breath. He saw that the door was open a crack, prompting him to approach slowly. His spider-sense was silent, indicating that there was no danger. Well, if he was where he thought he was, then that would be the case then, wouldn't it?

Peter peeked out of the door and into the hallway. There was no one in sight, though he did see a lot of other doors on both sides of his room. Making sure his mask was secured to the rest of his suit, he slowly stepped out. He turned towards his empty room as he slowly walked backwards, eyes darting everywhere. It couldn't help to be on guard. "Karen, where am I?" he whispered.

"You are in the Avengers Facility," the AI responded.

"I'm in the what?!" he couldn't help but exclaim.

"Hey, Webs," a voice called from behind him. He spun and almost shot at the noise.

"O-oh, Mr. Stark!" Peter said, lowering his hands.

"You can calm down, you're safe," he said. The teen blinked at his odd behavior. Tony almost never talked this sincerely. "Come here, there's some people who wanna meet you. Well, formally." Peter was a bit confused but followed the billionaire anyway, still a bit unintentionally on edge.

They rounded a corner, and Peter almost stopped in his tracks. Sitting in the living room, just lounging around, were the Avengers. Yeah, he was definitely in the Avengers Facility. Tony walked farther into the room and sat down in a single chair. "Well come on, don't be shy," he said. Still in mild shock, Peter did as he was told and sat in the nearest chair, sinking down into the cushions only slightly. "Everyone, this is Spider-Man. I'm sure most of you already know him," Tony introduced, everyone knowing what he was talking about. No one really liked mentioning that battle at the airport.

"You stole my shield," Steve said with a light smile on his face.

"I-I-yeah," was all the wallcrawler could get out. He had seen everyone before, obviously, but he hadn't exactly had the chance to talk to many of them. And in such a relaxed setting, it was slightly unnerving.

"You've got skill kid," a man Peter vaguely recognized as Falcon, Sam Wilson, said. Peter spluttered. It was weird, getting compliments from people who had been trying to end him the last time he had seen them, almost six months ago. Chuckles reverberated around the room at his embarrassment. The mood turned more serious soon however, because Tony said,

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