~Chapter Seventeen~

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The wedding ceremony was so special, and quite emotional. I actually shed a few tears, and was fanning my eyes with my hands. I didn't want to ruin my makeup. I actually, had time to get it done professionally. The makeup artist focused on my eyes. She gave me very dramatic smokey eyes and put on eyelashes.

Shayne kept watching me during the ceremony, and made me so self conscious. He quirked a brow in my direction, looking at his watch with a smile on his face. But I kept my demeanor very calm, cool, and collected in front of him.

I was ready to jump out of my skin, but he didn't need to know that. I must seem very paradoxical to him. This feisty, thick skinned girl, getting so emotional at someone else's wedding.

"Are you alright?" Skyler gently wiped a tear slowly trickling down the side of my face.

"I get emotional at weddings. I'll be fine, thank you for asking." I downplayed my feelings, as I dabbed carefully at my eyes with a tissue.

Shayne looked ridiculously handsome. He had on a black suit, that was cut to fit his athletic build to a tee. He had on a white shirt, silver tie, and handkerchief. We matched, as if we had planned it. He hadn't shaved, so he had a complimentary stubbled look. He never has a bad hair day, it's unbelievable. His silver tie brought out the varying grey tones in his compelling eyes.

I noticed that from across the room. . . Alexa looked like Barbie, of course.

Shayne looked at me, with the most penetrating gaze. It took everything I had not to slide off my chair. I was so overwhelmed by his presence. He had no clue, that I was becoming unglued at the seams.


The ceremony was dreamy and Leslie was a beautiful bride. The guests were ushered into the The Reception Hall, while the bridal party took pictures outside on the lavish grounds of the Country Club.

Skyler and I were seated at table number ten with Shayne, Alexa, Colin, Bianca, Grey, Kendall, Brody, Sheila, Colton, and Andrea. The tables were set with tall glass floral centerpieces and candles. Flower bouquets adorned the tables, with beautiful china place settings. It was very elegant.

They had a cocktail hour with an open bar. Skyler touched my back on purpose, being territorial,"Would you like a drink from the bar?"

I shifted in my chair, "I'll take a glass of white wine, thank you." I needed several glasses of wine, sitting at this table with Shayne.

"Here you are. I managed to grab a few hors d' oeuvres, that we can share." He handed me my glass of wine, and sat the plate of food down between us.

Before I could take a sip of wine, some familiar faces showed up at our table, "Well, well, well, if it isn't The Carringtons?" Mr. Winthrop spoke rather icily. My drink turned into a Slurpee, from the frigid tone in his voice.

"Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop." Shayne acknowledged graciously, trying not to choke on his shrimp.

"Sabine, how nice to see you here. I heard you and Skyler Pennington were an item." Jagger, pinned me with a look of loathing. He didn't like me, because I was friends with Bianca. But, he gave that personal dig for Shayne's benefit.

"So nice to see you too, Jagger." I replied, eyeing him with disdain.

Jagger had a young woman on his arm, that he didn't bother to introduce to us. In fact, he didn't speak to any of The Carringtons, at all. He gave them a look of contempt. He and his family took their seats. Thankfully, at a different table.

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