Chapter 2: 400 Year Long Journey To The Restroom

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I have to pee.

I squint my eyes at the clock on my nightstand, 2:35 am.

Why do I have the worst bladder in the world?

Last night was exactly my third night at camp, the girls and I all stayed in and played "who can drink the most slurpees from the gas station down the road while Lucy talked about her summer romance goals of the summer."

I wasn't into the whole "summer fling" thing.

We finally met our other two roommates, Abby and Indi. Abby was a tall short haired girl with red locks and freckles all over, while Indi was shorter and had medium cut black hair. I surprisingly enough got a long pretty well with all of the girls, no matter how annoying Lucy got.

Now our counselor.
That's a different story.

Our counselors name was Hilary and she was the definition of "tall, lean, mean green machine." She had long straight hair that for some reason she thought would be cute dyed green. I personally thought she looked like the green lantern, even though I wouldn't dare say that out loud.

I put on my hoodie and slip-ons trying not to make any noise as I opened the cabin's front door. There was a sign outside towards the front that said bring a buddy with you! I knew I was supposed to bring one of the girls with me to the bathhouse just to be safe, but I doubt any of them would be to happy with me if I woke them up at this ungodly hour.

What's the worse that can happy right?

The walk to the bathhouse wasn't that long so I knew I would get there pretty quick, it was chilly and my short pajama pants weren't really helping.

As I was walking my attention turned to sound of one of the girls cabin's swinging open. The boy with curly black hair and deep dimples walked out, he had a satisfied cheeky smile on his face as he buckled his belt.


I tried to be quiet as I hurried to the bathroom, trying not to cause any attention to me. I was stepping over all the branches scattered everywhere and it reminded me of an episode of WipeOut.


He turned his head quickly and made eye contact with me. "Aw look it's my little pukey pie." He said smirking as he walked up to me.

"And it's... the donkey from Shrek right?" I said rolling my eyes.

"If l'm the donkey you're the dragon princess." He said coming closer to me.

"I'd rather not have that girl's sloppy seconds, thanks." I said pushing him away.

"Who? Hilary?" He said biting his lip as he looked back at her cabin.

Double Gross.

"Of course you'd be screwing the incredible hulk." I said about to walk away.

"She could be Yoda's daughter  and I'd still smash, have you seen her ass?" he said rubbing his hands together like he was imagining it in his head. The amount of disgust that filled my body almost made me turn greener than her hair.

"I'm about to puke again."

"Isn't that what you're good at Bree." he said following me close behind.

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