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(Sexual themes. Its not like smut and shit but like it like very sexual pfft. If ur like not okay with that just skip and pretend this whole chapter didn't happen...)

Alex towers over me, his hand still cupped over my mouth. He doesn't intimidate me, I know he's trying to be sexy and masculine. 

I lick his hand in attempt for him to remove it. He rolls his eyes, "That won't work."

I roll my eyes back, the fact that he was already half naked puts an imbalance to the situation. Usually when we make out we just take off a few pieces of clothing each and fall asleep before we go too far. 

I grab a fistful of his hair and tug back. His head slightly nudges back and he winces a little. He takes his free hand and pins me down. 

"You've never said that before," I say, muffled through his hand. He lowers his eyebrows, confused. He removes his hand, placing it at my side. "You never said that you were my boyfriend before," I restate.

He smiles. "Were dating aren't we?" he asks, theres an actual question in there somewhere. I shrug, still pinned under him. Before realizing I was joking, Alex had a concerned look over his face. It washed away as I giggled, "You're annoying," he chuckles, pulling me in for another kiss.


WOW THIS IS SHORT SORRY. I kinda wanted to address the fact that people are actually reading this. Like wow hello I thought this was gonna get like 2 reads. TYSM, and Im gonna write later today, so you should get another chapter soon.

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