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"Dom, what the fuck!" I scream, barging into the apartment. He sat at his desk, pretending to do work. "You said you would fucking tell!" I scolded.

I saw Davids vlog yesterday. Ive been watching them religiously, making sure he hadn't found us out. But in the latest one, Dom totally told. His exact words, 'Yeah, man, I totally saw Kalani and Alex making out in the kitchen'

I know David is going to be non stop asking me questions until I break.

He just laughed his annoying laugh. "Im literally going to kill you!" I scream, running towards him. He swiveled his chair out of the way and ran around as I chased him. "Alex, get your crazy girlfriend!" He yelled.

My face burned, "Shut up!" I screeched as I chased him a bit more.  Alex walked down from the hall, he laughed at my childish ways. He was shirtless, as always. "Are you not mad at him!?" I asked Alex. He shook his head, "Dom's high half the time. David doesn't believe half the shit he says."

I stopped chasing Dom. "This is stupid," I groan, walking past Alex. He grabs my wrist and stops me. "Dom, get out." he orders. Dom rolls his eyes and walks past us both, slamming the door. Alex drags my over by my wrist, he locks the door. 

He turns back to me, "What the problem?" He asks sincerely. I huff, "Dom has to tell everyone. He promised-" I lose my train of thought as Alex stares at me with a smirk. 

"What?" I ask. He just stares at me, "Don't be an ass," I scold. His eyebrows lift, an evil grin stretches from ear to ear. 

He lowers his hands from my wrists. I'm suddenly being lifted up and thrown over his shoulder. "Alex! Let me down you stupid fuck!" I pound on his chest with my legs. He brings me over to his room, which was David's old room. 

He slams the door behind us, "Don't curse..." he grunts as he slams me onto the bed, "..at your boyfriend."

"Also, cursing is bad manners," he whispers. I grin, "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," I repeat obnoxiously. He cups his hand over my mouth, "Shut up," he groans.

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