twisting the tension

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After the devastating events of fangs being shot he was swiftly taken away by jughead and fp to rush him to the hospital Celestia and sweet pea offered to go with them but they declined and told them to visit him later

which left the couple in fit of rage and they walked away from the scene and down an alley they were both silent until she spoke up first "none of this would've happened if southside high didn't shut down" sweet pea scoffed "so your saying this is the southsides fault your just as bad as them " she folded her arms "thats the exact opposite of what i'm saying the northside has ruined everything for the people on the south and all this is because hiram lodge has slowly sucking the fucking life outta this town and eventually no one is gonna be left!" after she finished ranting he sighed "well from where i'm standing it looks like northsiders are just gonna shit shit on us more and eventually your gonna end up leaving too so you might as well leave now and save us the heartbreak" she scoffed then yelled "what the fuck are you talking about sweet pea i've supported the serpents since i was younger then i can remember i mean my dad is the leader of us so and if you think i'm gonna leave my dad you are most certainly fucking mistaken"

it went silent again and they stood apart staring any where but the person in front of them until sweet pea looked at her and their eyes met "i'm sorry" she sighed and walked up to him and hugged him as he cried into her shoulder as she held the back of his head he had his arms wrapped around her tightly as she replied trying not to cry and appear strong for everyone "its ok i know its fear talking" she felt him nod and they went back to silence until Celestia spoke in a quiet voice "i want vengeance for fangs" sweet pea stood up straight and backed away smirking "now your talking my language i'm thinking riverdale high?" she nodded smiling a wicked smile "lets go"

they ran from the alley and to their bikes sweet pea rounded up the younger serpents and they were soon on their way to the high school they all knew to well it didn't matter what they were about to do because of the riots that were taking place they all got off their bikes and headed towards the school Celestia had picked up her brass knuckles and her pocket knife when they got up to the doors she brought her foot back and kicked the doors with such force it nearly flew off its hinges she walked down the halls ruining anything she could find the rest of the serpents followed doing the same and eventually they ended up stairs until they heard talking down the halls and were just about to carry on vandalising down stairs

when they did sweet pea walked past a painting on the wall and dragged his pocket knife through it leaving a gaping hole in place Celestia laughed as the continued down the hall but were stopped when they saw a certain ginger haired northsider sweet pea turned around to his posse and said

"Well, Fellas, looks like we found some bulldogs to put down." they all began barking and howling like dogs as Celestia laughed walking next to her boyfriend he began to explain himself "Sweet Pea, I swear, Reggie didn't shoot Fangs It was Mrs.Klump." sweet pea scoffed as Celestia crossed her arms across her chest and sweet pea shouted "Bull.I saw Mantle with the gun!" archie yelled back" Then you also saw me tackle him, before he got a shot off! It was Midge's mom! She's down at the station."

sweet pea looked at him"Yeah, and Fangs is still clinging to life.And whether it was Reggie or Mrs.Klump who pulled the trigger, a Northsider put him there."

Celestia then spoke "You took our friend, our land And you'll take everything if we give you the chance."

sweet pea then grabbed a trash can and tipped it upside down emptying the contents on to the floor and saying "So now you get to watch as we burn your school to the ground." and threw it at the trophy cabinet Celestia flinched a little but was soon interrupted by principle weatherby walking in with a baseball bat on his shoulder and other people escorting him and he simply said with a hard expression possessing his face "What the hell do you boys think you're doing to my school?"

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