Reiko's POV

I did woke up pretty early today,it's not that i am excited to go to school...It's just that,I'm too excited,my brother said that he'll come next month hehe

then here i am

*At school*

"Good Morning.Reiko"-Ryouko said nicely

"Oh,Good Morning Ryouko"-I said

This is Ryouko Akashino she is kind of quiet type of person and she is a long tempered person too.But when she is mad she can beat you up in 2 seconds ,so don't say or do anything that she will be mad of.

"Hey,What's up guys?"-Yukiteru

"Are you here again to annoy me? -_-"-Me

"Ahh definitely no Reiko,just wanted to get along with you ^_^"-Yukiteru

"eee,that smile is creepy"-i whispered

"What was that?"-Yukiteru

"Never mind ^_^++"-Me


"I'm here..."-A mysterious voice said

'Huh?'-Me,Ryouko,Yukiteru and Okumura said

"Did you hear that?"-I asked

"You can hear it too?"-Ryouko asked

"It's so strange"-Yukiteru


"Uhh,no time for that!! Let's go!"-I said

"Today is the day that they will die."-A mysterious voice said

"I thought you four are going to be late"-Misato said

"We're sorry"-We said

"It's ok,just hurry up and sit"-Misato

"Yes ma'am"-Us


"Heyy,umm..I'm still wondering,where did the voice lately come from"-Me

"I don't know,it's like magical or something"-Okumura

"Hey,Okumura Where's Ryouko?''-Yukiteru asked

"Oh,She told that she is going to the library."-Okumura answered

''But it's been awhile since she go there."-I said

"You're right"-Okumura said then we go to the library


"This book is really interesting"-Ryouko said then

Ryouko's POV

"Excuse me"-A woman said

"Um,Yes do you need something?"-Ryouko asked 

 "Can you carry my baby just a few minute"-A woman asked

"Sure"-Ryouko said then Ryouko carry the baby

''*Huh,What is this feeling?''-I whispered

''Is there any problem?''-Yukiteru said

"No,We need to hurry"-I said

To be continued


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