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Lucy fumbles with the controls on the radio, looking for a song she can sing along with. It's a comfortable routine that we have settled into on our morning drives to school. 

If I am being one hundred percent honest with myself, I don't care what plays on the radio. The majority of the time, I'm not even listening to it. I'm too lost in my thoughts to pay it any attention. 

"Oh! I forgot to tell you!" Lucy turns excitedly towards me, the radio long forgotten as the music turns to background noise. 

My eyes flit between her and the road, raising my eyebrows in silent question. A part of me questions if Levi had said something about me to her. Brought up our run in at the gym the other day, I know I've been thinking about it. 

I don't care if he did, it's not a secret that Levi and I are friends. I just can't decide if I want him to have said something about me or not and I'm afraid to address what that means. 

"Bridget called me last night. Apparently, she and Miles had a huge fight!" Lucy uses her hands for emphasis, shaking her head like she can hardly believe it. 

Surprise flickers across my features as I turn into the school parking lot. In the time Bridget and Miles have been together, they never really fight. A few disagreements and light bickering, sure, but actual blow out fights is unheard of with them. 

"Really?" is my brilliant response, trying to sound only mildly interested. 

It's a fine line to walk. Show to much interest and it might be suspicious, but show none at all and I'm a dick. Still, I can't stop my mind from wandering away with thoughts of Miles and Bridget breaking up. 

A tiny amount of hope blooms in my chest and I know I should squish it, not water it, but what if Miles breaks up with her for me?

Maybe that night under the low lights of the laser tag game, something sparked for him. Maybe he relived that moment over and over again like I had until he realized that the fluttering in his chest was from something stronger than friendship. 

I feel like the worst person on the planet, wishing for them to actually break up. It's like I'm rooting for them to fail but even though I have a huge crush on Miles, I want him to be happy first and foremost. 

Even if it's not a happiness shared with me. 

"She was really upset last night. She said he was ignoring her calls and everything," Lucy jumps out of the jeep and meets me by the hood. 

My arm slings around her shoulder as we walk into the school. It's an innocent and friendly gesture, just like it would be if I did it to Gunner or any of the guys from the baseball team. 

I don't miss the light blush on her cheeks though as we step through the doors of the school.  

Gone are the thoughts of Miles' potential break-up or running into Levi at the gym. All I can think of now is how I should start to plan a break-up of my own. 

I knew this arrangement couldn't last forever. The longer I hold onto it, the more Lucy stands to be hurt by it and that's not fair. I made it clear in the beginning that this would help her but I wasn't honest about the true motives behind it.

My true intentions. 

Now I fear it's too late and that her feelings are developing into something more.  Guess I made a dick move after all. 


The day passed by uneventfully, but I couldn't seem to stay away from the Miles/Bridget gossip. It truly is amazing how fast word travels through a high school. It didn't help that during lunch, Bridget didn't sit in her usual spot next to Miles. That set off a whole new set of rumors, that even I started to wonder if they were true. 

The library was nearly empty after school as I made my way through the rows of books to the study rooms in the back. Alec isn't here yet for our tutoring session, so I use the time wisely, like a responsible student that I am. 

For about a minute. 

Then my mind took me to where I have been going all day. How to break up with Lucy. All things considered, she knew that this wasn't a real relationship in the beginning. Whether or not she remembered that little detail remains to be seen. But there are still things to be considered. 

Like if I break up with her and Miles breaks up with Bridget, will people get suspicious about the timing? I wouldn't be surprised if they were, even I would be. But they aren't related... Are they?

I was going to break up with Lucy eventually and now before she develops more feelings would be a good time. It has nothing to do with Miles. 

"Hey, B." my eyes snap to the person who interrupted my thoughts.

My mind races to connect the dots and say something back, but I am stuck on the fact that I was just thinking about Miles and that he looks really good today. 

He really knows how to wear an underarmour shirt. His lean muscle traceable through the thin fabric and the basketball shorts hang perfectly off his hips. 

"Hey,"  I mentally slap myself for the stupid response, but I'm to busy thanking the universe for sending him to me today.

It has to be some sort of sign right? I mean I was thinking about him and his potential break up with Bridget and then poof - here he is in front of me. 

"Sorry, I'm late. I was dressing for practice when I remembered that Ms. Garcia asked me to cover for Alec." Miles laughs and pulls out his math book and some paper. 

Okay, this is most definitely fate at work. What are the chances that, out of all the students, she asks him  to cover?! 

"Oh, no. You have practice, don't worry about tutoring me," I don't move to pack up, secretly hoping and praying to the universe that he won't leave either. 

"it's cool, I don't mind. Besides, the baseball team needs you man." he claps me on the back, with a smile that I can't help but return. 

I can't stop myself from stealing glances at him, taking in every detail I can, as we flip to the right page in the book. the way his brow furrows in concentration as his eyes skim the pages. Or the way his leg is so close to mine and I can almost feel the warmth of his skin through my jeans. 

"Look," I blurt out before I can stop myself, "I don't usually believe rumors, but just know, if you need someone to talk to..." 

I let my sentence hang between us with a soft smile that Miles doesn't see. He nods his head slowly, staring at the open textbook, but I can tell he isn't really seeing it. 

His eyes are far off and I know that look well. He's deep in thought and the furrowed brow is back. If I wasn't worried that I said something wrong, I would think that he looked so incredibly sexy right now. 

"Bridget thinks there's another girl." He blurts out of the blue, his shoulders relaxing slightly as he lets out a breath. 

Of all the things that I thought he might say, hoped he might say, that wasn't one. Bridget and Miles have always been so happy and nauseatingly in love with each other. The idea that there is another girl is almost crazy.

What if it's not a girl, but a boy?  My inner voice says, leaving me staring at Miles for any indication that I'm crazy and thinking too much. 

"Is there?" I ask hesitantly when he gives nothing away.

Miles sea green eyes meet mine and there is some emotion hidden beneath their depths. Some intensity that I can't place or name, but it leaves my heart hammering against my chest, trying to escape its cage. 

"No," he clears his throat, looking back to his math book, "There's no other girl." 

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