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It was after Algebra and I was making my way to the cafeteria with Emmet next to me. We both enterned and headed straight for our table.

I sat in between Emmet and Jasper after I went a grabbed a bottle of apple juice and a blueberry bagle.

The second I sat down I was bombarded with questions about Bella's birthday from Alice. By time I was done with her questions I had also finished my bagle.

"You love blueberry bagles." Jasper stated chuckling down at me.

"Yes, yes I do and I am not ashamed of it." I responded as I looked up at him.

The whole lunch period was pretty boring other than Alice talking about the party.

After lunch we gathered our stuff and went to the cars to go home, Jasper and I sat in the back of Roses convertible.

"You tired doll?" He asked, looking at me as my head rested on his shoulder.

"A little, my coffee had zero affect on me today." I responded, nuzzling my face into his grey jacket.

"Coffee is bad for you." He pointed out as he looked down at me, playfully scolding me.

"Well guess I'm unhealthy than." I responded as I shrugged.

Rose pulled up to the house, and we thanked her before exiting the car. I went up to the door and unlocked it allowing Jasper and I in.

We both made our way upstairs, him above me on the steps as our hands were interlocked.

He opened the door and let us go in, I instantly layed in the bed, he sat behind me his arms finding their way around me.

I turned around to face him, and lay my head on his chest.

"Jasper, I have a question to ask but if you don't want to answer I understand." I stated, grabbing his cold hand in my warm ones.

"Okay, what's your question darlin?" He asked his southern drawl coming out.

"How did you become a vampire?" I questioned in a quiet voice as to make him feel more comfortable.

He sat up a bit, leaning his back against the headboard and his houlders squared.

"Well it all started during the civil war, I was the youngest major in the Texas Calvary though I lied about my age. I was on patrol when I saw a women, Maria she was an immortal and I had offered her my service. That night she turned me." He stated before pausing to make sure I was caught on

"Once she turned me in 1863, she used me though I was her second in command she would make newborns, train them and kill them within a year." He continued, looking down at his lap.

"She would make me kill them, she used me for my ability to control emotions and I could feel everything they felt the fear, the anger." He finished taking his jacket off to show me scars littered over his arms.

I sat up and grabbed his arms, examining his arms in concern.

"I know they're not the best looking." He stated, trying to pull his arm back, but I held on.

"No, no these prove that you got through that, that you survived that." I responded, running my fingers over the bite mark looking scars.

"I'm happy you think that way." He stated looking up at you with a sad expression.

"Hey, these don't make me think any less of you." I exlcaimed, before putting both of my legs on either side of him, sitting in his lap.

"I love you, and nothing can change that." I finished, connecting our lips.

His hands roamed till they reached my hips pulling me down on him, more so than I already was.

The kiss got rougher, and I my hands came up to Jasper's shoulders, to his blond locks and tugging on them slightly.

Jasper flipped us over so he was on top of me, in-between my legs with his hips grinding into me.

His lips moved down to attack my neck, causing me to moan out and Jasper to get even rougher.

His hands went under my shirt pulling it over my head, before going around my back.

"Clove! I'm home." Dad shouted from downstairs, as Jasper was about to unclasp my bra.

"Why is my dad being such a cockblock!?" I groaned out, causing Jasper to roll over, pulling me into his side while laughing.

"No worry's darlin, it'll happen." He stated prepping kisses from cheek to my jaw, making his accent very promenent.

"Don't talk like that." I stated looking up at him with a tiny frown.

"Talk like what?" He questioned looking at me with furrowed eyesbrows.

"All southern like, you have no idea what it does to me." I groaned out laying my head on his chest.

"I'll make sure to remember that." He smirked into my hair, loving that he knew how to get me going. And one thing he knew for sure is that now he would never, ever stop talking like that.

For awhile we sat there, cuddling as Jasper ran his fingers through my hair.

"You know I love you right?" I asked, playing with his free hand that was layed on his chest.

"Of course, and I love you." He responded with a smile before catching my lips in his.

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