Part 31

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Nina: Yo yo

Georgie: Oh hello :)

Nina: Y'know, we haven't spoken in a while.

Georgie: It's literally been a day.

Nina: AGES

Georgie: Lmao fair enough

Nina: Anyway, I'm going to the park. Wanna come?

Georgie: I might do. Depends if I can be bothered ;)


Georgie: Haha I'll come

Nina: Good. There's some creepy old man just staring at me from behind a tree.

Georgie: That's weird. It's not like he'll hurt you, though. You'll be fine 

Nina: I'm not bothered. I just thought I'd tell ya.

Georgie: Ok lmao

Nina: Oh jeez now I'm beginning to get unnerved. He's still staring.

Georgie: Really? How long's it been?

Nina: About 30-40 seconds. And he knows that I've seen him.

Georgie: Weirdo. I suggest you leave.

Nina: I can't. He's right by the gate.

Georgie: You said that he's behind a tree..?

Nina: Yeah. And that tree's by the gate.

Georgie: Climb over the fence. 

Nina: I don't want to though! I don't like climbing. And it's too difficult.

Georgie: Fine. Stay in the park. If he enters it, then run out of the gate. He's old, right? You'll be quicker than him.

Nina: Ew... he's being incredibly weird. 

Georgie: What's he doing? I'm on my way now.

Nina: Well you live about 20 minutes away, so if he does something, you won't make it in time.

Georgie: Oh well. WHAT'S HE DOING?

Nina: He's still staring, and now he's smiling. Really wide. 

Georgie: Now that's just creepy

Nina: Ikr. I don't like it at all.

Georgie: Hmm... is there anyone else in the park with you?

Nina: There's only a young woman with her toddler, but I don't think they've noticed him.

Georgie: Oh god

Nina: We can't call the police either. He hasn't done anything yet.

Georgie: I'm about ten minutes away.

Nina: Jesus that was quick

Georgie: Hehe I walk quickly when my best friend is in possible danger ;)


Georgie: Then run out of the gate when he enters!



Nina: oH God I'm out of the park. 

Georgie: You running?

Nina: No. 

Georgie: WHY?!

Nina: because he's not following me..? Why isn't he following me?

Georgie: Isn't that a good thing?

Nina: Yeah, but that mum and toddler still haven't noticed him. Or me. 

Georgie: Well what about the man?

Nina: He's... vanished?! 

Georgie: Wait what?

Nina: I'm not crazy, am I?

Georgie: He's disappeared?

Nina: Yeah! I'm so freaked out

Georgie: Mate I wasn't even there and I'm terrified

Nina: You believe me?

Georgie: I shouldn't, but I do.

Nina: Good. If it was anyone else, they'd think I'm pranking them.

Georgie: But who was it?!

Nina: You mean WHAT was it.

Georgie: Ikr....

Nina: Ugh I'm super freaked out.

Georgie: Oh well. Let's meet up, go to Subway, and forget about it.

Nina: Sure...



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