Our Past

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May 23, 2015

Angel POV

We was in our room laying down watching Love nd Hip Hop till our daddy bussed in our room I was only 16 nd Princess was 14 . We got off the bed .

Me: Princess go in the bathroom don't come our till I say so

she ran in the bathroom

Dad: Come here

Me : No stay away from me

Dad: I saw yu hanging around that little boy yu kno I don't like that

Me: Well that is my boyfriend

He slapped me in my face I fell to the ground I pulled my gun out from under the bed nd shot him in the knee I'm done with getting hurt by him I can't do this him trying to rape my sister every night nd him rapping me every once in a while  he beat our mother she killed herself because it was to much stress for her I hate that she left me to get beat.

Me: Princess come out

she did as I said

Me: Pack all yo stuff we leaving now

our father was laying hopelessly on the ground I kicked him in the face as we got our bags nd put them in the back 2014 Jeep Wrangler. We drove to my Boyfriend Dontrell house .

Heyy my name is Angel( cover pic girl in the back) im currently 16 I have a sister named Princess we look like we can be twins I have long natural curly hair that stop at my mid back. I look like my mom she was a beautiful woman. Have small boobies but a good sized booty nd aw I have a boyfriend we been together for about 7 months

Princess POV ( cover pic girl in the front )

Hey my name Princess in 14 have a big sister she buys me everything I want as long as I keep B's nd A's nd that's what I been having I have big boobies nd a big butt kinda but I can move what I got . Look like my sister if yu don't kno us yu would call us twins. But We bout the same height too but I have no boyfriend .

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