5. Vacation 3

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I sat on the sand as the waves crashed up against my toes. It was so calming and relaxing here. It was 3 something in the afternoon and don't get me wrong I was enjoying myself and being alone on the trip I just was bored and wanted something fun to do other than sitting on the beach drinking margaritas.

I decided to go get in the water and maybe I'll get out this piss poor attitude if I start allowing myself to have more fun.

I go into the freezing water and start to swim around in it. It was fun but it wasn't that fun where it was taking my mind off having fun.

After about thirty minutes I started to get sleepy. I climbed out the water and grabbed my towel from off the sand. I wrapped it around me and walked to my beach house.

I opened the door to my beach house and I saw Meek, Papi, and Mink sitting waiting for me

"MOMMY" Mink said running to me


I smirked watching how happy Nicki was to see Mink. She put Mink down and walked over and gave Papi a hug then stood in front of me

"What are you doing here Meek" She asked me smiling
"You said you missed her and I wasn't going to send her on a plane by herself" I told her standing up

She hugged me tightly and I softly rubbed her back.
"So are you and Papi staying too" She asked me
"Yes ma'am" I told her
"You wasn't having any fun so I'm here too help you" I added

She smiled hard before pulling away. I looked at my phone which had just vibrated in my pocket. My manager Vonnie had texted me the plans. She planned everything for us since she was so excited to see me and Nic get back together which will never happen.

From: Vonnie - All the plans are set. You have dinner reservations for 'Malianos' at 7:30.

To: Vonnie - Thanks Vonnie

From: Vonnie - No problem


"Meek where are we going" I asked him
"Relax" He said driving the rental car he had got

A few minutes later we pulled up to a fancy restaurant which is probably the reason he made me get dressed up nicely.

"You guys ready to eat" He asked talking to the kids
"Yes" They said in unison

Meek got out the car and walked over to the passenger side and opened my door.

"Thank you" I said

Papi got out the car and walked over to Minks side and opened the door for her, mimicking his fathers actions.

Meek and I chuckled and I grabbed Papis hand as Meek grabbed Minks hand.

"Right this way" Meek said holding the door opened for all of us
"Mr.Williams" The waitress said and Meek nodded his head

We followed behind her as she walked us over to the table.

"Here you go" She said after she escorted us to the booth
"You requested a table beside yours for the kids" She asked and Meek nodded

She escorted the kids to the booth right behind ours

"Behave" Meek said as he turned around and looked at them
"Meek you didn't have to do all this" I said referring to him renting the whole thing out
"Nah I wanted too you said you wasn't having fun" He said
"Well I'm having a lot of fun now" I said


The car ride back was silent. Nicki and the kids had fell asleep in the car.

I pulled up to Nicki beach house and reached in the back and woke up Pap.

"Get your sister" I told him

We both got out the car and went around to the other side. He opened Minks door and I did the same thing for Nicki. We slowly took their seats belts off and I carried Nicki bridal style inside as Pap struggled to carry his sister.

I chuckled to myself he was a little gentleman. It was a struggle but I finally got the door open, I made Nicki give me the key before we even left because I knew her ass was going to fall asleep in the car.

I let Pap go in first. He took her upstairs to the other bedroom where they'd be sleeping. I followed behind them but took Nicki to her room.

"I see you" I said entering her room

She kept her eyes closed and started laughing. She wrapped her arms around my neck.

"To many margaritas" I said
"No" she yelled opening her eyes

I tossed her on the bed and she started laughing.

"Come lay with me" She told me
"No Nic"

She grabbed my arm then my shirt and pulled me close to her.

"Come lay with me please" She said seductively

I shook my head and she did her famous pout.

"Onika stop" I said

She slowly placed her lips on mine and kissed me it was just a peck but her juicy plump lips had me hard as fuck. I deepened it as she grabbed on the back of my head pulling my on top of her. She lowered her other hand to my member and began to caress him.

"Dad" Pap called from the other room


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