Left alone

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Fanny was a good kid, always played around with its willy and fanny.
One while fanny was watching porn.
Thomas walked up too him
He was very horny.
"I want to chug you like a chug jug" thomas said
Fanny tried to run but bob grabbed him from behind
"I wanna slurp you like a slurp juice" thomas said
"Nahuahhahhhahhahhahahbaybhubhusxbwsuh ba"  fanny cant talk so this translates to
'You dirty bitch you cant cum on me'
Thomas chugged closer towards him......until...

"ApRiL FoOlS" they screeched
"Rerrefsgxgzfsftftsx!!!" Fanny said- this means 'you stupid cunt its not even April"
"You thought we were going to rape u?"
"Dont worry u can bang me instead" bob honked
"Ooooooooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
Thomas and bob left fanny alone, and never came back.

It was a while since fanny realised bob and thomas weren't coming back, he was sad.
Poor fanny, left alone.
Without his dads he couldn't watch porn.
He couldn't fuck any more trees
Poor fanny
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