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I sighed as I began driving down my road. That annoying kid a few doors down from me was having a party again meaning no sleep for me tonight. Yay! The street light outside his house was flickering on and off as people danced in the front garden. As I went passed his house I slowed down, most the kids I knew since they were in my year at school and I wanted to look in at what I could never have.

I had friends, don’t get me wrong. James and Emily were wonderful but looking in at that party I could see Kyle McColin, the most popular, most beautiful, and most homophobic boy at our school dancing on a table with his shirt off. Admittedly I was practically drooling over the god-like boy but knowing how most of these idiots were smashed out of there mind I quickly brought myself back to the road and my car.

Not like someone like Kyle would ever go for a blue haired freak like me anyways. Emily always said I looked cool, dressing all gothic with electric blue hair (not natural of course, I had ice white hair normally.) I had always thought that I looked like some odd vampire personally but blue was my favourite colour so that was how my hair was staying.

Getting past the party I sped up a bit before reaching my house. Pulling up to the curb I put on the breaks before getting out and locking my four-wheel drive baby. Blue and black I’d paid to give her a custom paint job. Looking her over I couldn’t help but smile. It was only when I herd the revving engine and woops of drunken joy that I realised some idiot was speeding towards  me.

My first thought was get out of the road so that’s what I did. Running around to the other side of my car I watched as who ever it was swerved around the place going at least double the speed limit. I saw them drive towards me. I felt my car shove me over and the last thing I remember, the last thing I ever saw was thousands of pieces of tiny glass flying through the air.

It was beautiful and seemed to play out in slow motion, or at least that’s how I remember it. Just all those pieces flouting, light glistening off them like millions of tiny stars. I forgot the pain I was in, forgot that my baby just got ruined, forgot about everything as I watched them float above me. Except they weren’t floating were they. No they were falling. Falling ever so slowly. Or maybe it was just my brain calculating it all so fast.

The pain was agony, I could feel the blood running down my face but the glass was gone, everything was gone. It just wasn’t there anymore. Nothing was there anymore. It never would be ever again.

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