Chapter Three

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After seven hours of building the new animatronic, Foxy and Freddy were tired and decided to go to the corner of the room to rest, they felt like they deserved it, Foxy took one look at the animatronic, she was complete, now all they needed to do is give her a name and clothing, Foxy had the perfect name for her but had to wait until Freddy was awake to tell him, he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep next to Freddy.

Bonnie and Chica were in the main room sitting at the table, waiting for Foxy and Freddy, Bonnie was starting to get curious, usually Freddy and Foxy wake up before they do but this was different, Bonnie got out of his seat and began searching the place, Chica joined.

Four hours later, Freddy and Foxy woke up and checked on the animatronic, she stood lifeless, Freddy decided to activate her, the vixen slowly opened her eyes and looked up at them.

"Hello," greeted Foxy "my name is Foxy and this is Freddy Fazbear."

The vixen waved at them without a response.

"you're a quiet type, aren't you?" Freddy asked her.

"Freddy, I have the perfect name for her."

"And what's that?"

"I was thinking maybe we could name her after our couple name."

"Our couple name?" Freddy asked puzzled "I didn't know we had one"

"We do now, it's Frexy!"

Freddy liked the name Foxy gave the vixen, it suited her well, Foxy exited the room and went downstairs to the storage room to find the box filled with extra clothing, luckily he found it on one of the shelves, he grabbed the box and carried it back upstairs, he saw Bonnie in the hallway and asked him;

"Bonnie, what are you doing?"

"Foxy, where were you and Freddy, I looked everywhere and couldn't find you."

"We're in the repair room, we found a mysterious box in the storage room that had an animatronic vixen from a theater called Chester Chipmunk's, we're done building her, we gave her a name and now we just have to put clothing on her."

"Alright, I'll let you get back to your work." Said Bonnie as he walked off.

Foxy entered the repair room and sat the box on the ground, he opened it and began looking through it, he handed Freddy a black bow tie and placed it around Frexy's neck, he then began adjusting it to make sure it wasn't crooked. Foxy then handed Freddy an eye patch and placed it on her right eye, the same place Foxy always had it.

After they've dressed her, they took a look at Frexy, she looked perfect. Frexy didn't say anything about her outfit, she looked at her hook where her hand was supposed to be.

"Don't worry, Frexy, you'll get used to this." Foxy told her as he began stroking the top of her head.

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