Chapter 13 | Brando

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The baby in the cabin is still crying.

      Noise returns to my ears after a moment of deafening silence. My mind is pre-occupied with the thoughts of a guy, the guy – but I can't get ahead of myself. I really need to shake him out of my head but if I do that, I'll remember where I am. I think we're forty-thousand feet in the air now. Scary, right?

      So – I have two options. Obsess over a guy who will most likely not be that into me, at least, not as much as I am into him; or focus on the fact that we are tens of thousands of feet in the air.

      I know which option I'm picking.

      As I sit in my seat, I hear the seatbelt sign turn off. The clicking of unbuckled seatbelts attacks my ears. I don't take mine off. I grab the strap and pull it to make it tighter.

      A smile creeps onto my face as I recall every detail of Daxten's face. That smooth skin, curving onto his nose, up to his defined eyebrows. They outline his eyes, at first guarding them from my intrusion, but now he welcomes me with them. He beckons me forwards without speaking a word and I can tell he wants to tell me something with just the way he stares. He looks down at his lips, naturally pouty and red. They part a little and I see his Adam's apple rise and fall in his throat.

      I want so badly for his hands to pull me into his space, so I can kiss his neck and make my way to his lips. In my imagination, he does just that. My chest comes up just below his, so he leans down. He breathes into my mouth and I can feel it cover my face. It revives me, gives me life. It mends my heart, still bleeding from the accident that was Nick.

      I remember my heartache and look up to Daxten. I was hoping he would assure me that he won't be the next guy to break my heart. But when I look, the man who is holding me tightly is not Daxten. It's Nick. I try to pull away, but he holds me in place. He won't let me go.

      I struggle, I yell, I cry – but he smirks. He has me entirely in his power.

      My eyes shoot open. It takes a second for my vision to form the shape of the seat in front of me. When the shapes form, I notice someone standing in the aisle next to me.

      I look. The appearance of Nick startles me and I jump up in my seat. I'm barely able to move with the seatbelt holding me in place. I rub my eyes thinking I'm still trapped in my nightmare.

      'Sorry, were you trying to get some sleep?' He asks me. His voice is less condescending than usual. Is he being genuine?

      'What do you want?' I ask as I divert my eyes to something – anything– other than his face. I try to sound tough. 'Cabin in front not to your liking?'

      'This one is no better – that baby better shut up.'

      'That's not nice.' Now I hope the baby never stops – but that's also mean. The poor mother must be desperate for a rest. It's selfish of me to use the baby to repel Nick.

      'Can I take a seat?' Nick looks to the empty seat in the middle.

      I look at it for a moment, wishing someone was sitting there. I try to think of an excuse why he shouldn't, but nothing comes to mind. Him standing in the aisle, looming over me, makes me more uncomfortable than if he was sitting down, so I give up.

      'Sure, but only for a little while.'

      'That's fine,' he replies.

      Something is off; he's being far too civilized. I move back in my seat and open my legs a little so he can pass. He moves in slowly, facing me, so that my head is just inches from his crotch. I look up and roll my eyes, then move my face to the other passengers.

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