Im in love with my brother?! (Incest!) Ch. 7

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Hahaha! Hope you like! Sorry about me going in between third person and first. Its a habit. Im actually a Roleplayer so im so used to doing it in third person. >.<! Also the picture is what Katirena looks like! Of course she doesn't have the horns, wings or tail or the eyes but that's basically her body type, her hair is thicker and wavy and her eyes are blue and the other green. Sorry that's the only one i drew that comes close to this character. T.T im to busy drawing another project to be able to do Katirena for real.


                                                                                Chapter. 7

Two week's have passed since the kiss between me and my brother. He has...well...been ignoring me as much as he could. If he wasn't getting up early in the mornings and going to school, it was him coming him extremely late. Mean while i've been depressed. I never wanted to see that look! The look of disgust or repulsive actions he has towards me now. It hurts me. So much. I've cried myself to sleep. It was so painful at times that i never notice i cry in my own sleep, having to actually do something about my red puffy eyes in the mornings.

It was Monday, the day i had to transfer to the university my brother was in because well...i couldn't stay in high school, they had to push me up every grade from 9'th to 12'th to see what my IQ was and since it over passed high school recommendations and they wanted me to learn i was kicked out of high school and placed in one of the best university's there which brothers school. Luckily i had my friend with me, Rosa. We were both getting ready of course.

                                                                              ~Rosa's POV~

The two weeks Kat had been suffering i had to sit with her and comforted her. I also love my brother in an..well unbrotherly way obviously but i didn't have to balls to seriously tell him like she had been able to. Though she did say she had been caught up in the moment. I'm sad for her and with her. Its always a shocker to be turned down of course, but to be turned down by someone you have loved and known for years? And then be rejected as a human being for those feelings? I could never do it. Never. Which is why i pity her a bit, but i try my best to show her my support. It was Sunday, and tomorrow we transfer into the university, great right?

The doorbell rang and i sighed softly, getting up from my sitting position on the couch and moving to my front door. I opened the door without effort to end up staring at the face of the man that was hurting my best friend. I got defensive, i couldn't help it. Crossing my arms under my breasts i finally asked "Why are you here specifically?"

He slightly raised his eyebrows, shocked of course because Rosa was never brutal or straight forward like this with people..."W-well im here to see your brother."

"He isn't home, so can you leave?" A total lie. Music from his room can be heard. He raised an eyebrow this time before replying

"I hear the music though, and that's usually his loud music."

"Well its not, its mine. Yes i do listen to rap at times, now leave." God i was hostile. I should calm down...but i really couldn't! Urgh.

My brother came down the stairs clueless, which made Rosa fidget. Fucker! I huffed and turned away from him, easily sliding against my brothers side to get up into my room. I heard the conversation though.

"Whats wrong with my sister?"

"No idea i guess she is a bit mad at something."

Then it turned quiet. Luckily for me i didn't want to hear their voices. I layed back onto the bed and opened up a stupid girl magazine, i never understood why i read these but they wernt that bad. Sighing a bit i tilt my head and continue reading. There was a knock at the door and it opened then closed. I didn't look to see who it was but then i felt the bed dip. Sitting up i let my magazine fall from my hands and land wherever. To my horror it was him! Benedetto!

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