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Emma is sitting down watching her friends having fun at the karaoke stage. After Elton John's concert, they all decided to keep the night going.

"Here," Sebastian sits down next to her. "I got you a martini."

"Thank you," Emma smiles and sets the drink in front of her.

"Oh no," Sebastian groans as he sees Chace making his way to the stage as well. "This is not good."

"Wait until Suspicious Minds comes on," Emma slightly sips the martini - she hates it. The only alcoholic drink she is able to enjoy is wine. Period. "Sarah will blow this shit up."

"Do you come here often?" He asks, placing his elbows on the table.

"You mean, New York?" Emma questions and he nods. "Just sometimes, Sarah has family here so when she comes, we all tend to fly here as well."

As expected, Suspicious Minds by Elvis starts coming through the stereo and Sarah is the first to grab the mic.

"Here it comes," Emma laughs and Leslie, along with Chace, comes down to the table.

"Wanna drink?" Chace proposes and takes his wallet from his pocket. Sebastian and Emma show him their drinks. "Okay! Do you want something, Les?" Leslie takes his hand and walks with him to the bar.

"Les?" Sebastian mimics, making eye contact with Emma.

"I know..." Emma chuckles and discreetly looks back at her best friend. "She's very happy. I'm glad."

"What about you?" He asks. "Are you happy?"

Emma is definitely caught off-guard here. "I'm good, pretty good."

"You never told me about where your family's from." Sebastian tries to keep the conversation going. He feels that talking to her is definitely mood lifting.

"My mom is Portuguese," she starts.

"Wow," Sebastian widens his eyes. "That's interesting! I've been there!"

"You're kidding!" Emma laughs out loud."I haven't been there!"

"Yes, when I was little! I don't remember anything, of course. But that was the first time I left Romania before I went to Viena." Sebastian says and she laughs.

"Oh, man. Life works in funny ways." Emma puts her jacket back on. Every five minutes someone would walk in and a strong wave of cold air would touch her bare arms. "My dad is American, he was born in Chicago."

"How did they meet?" Sebastian smiles as a Chace pats him on the back before jumping on stage again.

"He was on vacation in Portugal and my mother worked at a bar by the beach he went to. Let's just say that Mr. Jones quit being a playboy the second he saw her, they really hit it off."

"So she came here?" Sebastian rubs his own arms to warm them up as the door opens once more.

"My dad actually wanted to move to Portugal, but when my mother got pregnant with my sister they decided to come here instead. Don't ask me why, I still don't know," she exhales.

"You look bored," Seb isn't shy to point it out. 

"I'm sleepy. Everyone slept on the plane but me." Emma tries not to make an ugly face as she takes her lips to the cup one more time.

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