Ch. 20 What now?

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The moonlights ribbons reach down and touch my face, I woke up under the star with my head under a pillow blue bonnets beside Grimmjow and my murder ex boyfriend laying over the blood.

We sat up and walk back home, we took a shower together. We change into our clothes and wash the evidence then bury Gregg's body. It was our little dark secret.

Grimmjow and I were watching TV. They later announce in the news the disappearance of Gregg. I began to feel a bit worry.

You: "Grimmjow what if they found out we killed Gregg?"

Grimmjow: "We'll run away and keep everything simple. When the night come down it will be our guardian angel. The roads will be empty. They're not gonna get us"

You: "I'm afraid"

Grimmjow: "I will never let anything happen to you. My love for you will be forever, just you and me. Everything else mean nothing"

You: "I never thought we ever get together like this, not this way"

Grimmjow: "Don't worry cause everything will be fine"

~Three months later~

We were running away from the law after that girl I stab three months ago in the woods report me.  They also found Gregg, they found trace of my DNA all over his body. I have to go before the consequences catches up to me. Mom and m family has been worry for me but there's no turning back now. Grimmjow said if we leave the country they will stop following us, so we decided to flee to our neighbor country up north in Canada. Where there's not many people. Where we can live in a cabin hidden in the woods and change our identity and restart our life.

I've been stuck in the car half awake and half asleep. Though we were so close to arrive over the border. We stop at a gas station. I wanted some coffee to be alert in the road. We grab some snacks and stuff to camp during our first week there.

I was looking at some mirrors when it reflected a police car parking next to our car....well stolen car. They were inspecting the vehicle. The police men then notice me and rush in, I grab Grimmjow and head in the restroom. We escape through the window and continue on foot. Over dozen police cars follow us so we got out of sight and head in the forest, K-9s were set loose and others ran. The helicopter put us under the spotlight, we were screwed so screwed. I was falling behind, my legs were getting tired I couldn't continue I couldn't catch up with him. He turn around and grab me.

Grimmjow: "Hop on my back"

I climb up on his back and he sonido faster, yet we couldn't escape the fame we created among us. I don't even know if it was worth it. Another helicopter showed up, it look different... it was from the swat team. I can't believe it came to this, I never thought it would get bad. A guy on sniper began shooting at us, we dodge all of the bullets though we miss one. It struck his spine, he collapse to the ground. He was paralyze, he couldn't move so I began to drag him. I hear their footsteps coming closer I his under a tree and his Grimmjow in a cave. I kiss him and bust out crying.

You: "Grimmjow I'm so sorry"

Grimmjow: "Don't go"

You: "I have to. Love always makes you do stupid things but you're worth it. Even though it was worth while. I love you. Forgive me"

Grimmjow: "(_____)!!!!"

After I left the cave I texted my mom where I left him, I left my phone there as I then run under the light and fall down on my knees and accept my defeat. I let some tears shed, they surround me and arrested me. As I was place in a car as it was driving away I look back hoping they haven't found Grimmjow yet. I love him....

to be continue.......

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