Double Update because im in a good mood❤❤😂

Double Update because im in a good mood❤❤😂

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Jimin's P

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Jimin's P.O.V

"Jimin, where have you been all night?!" Hyung asked worriedly, but at the same time hes angry. I sighed before taking a sit beside him. "Hyung, i was at Jungkook's house, i fell asleep, i didn't even have dinner coz, Jungkook hyung was sleeping too.. " i explained calmly but when he heard jungkook's name he got even more angrier.

"Whats with you and that bastard huh?, do you have a relationship with that brat?!" My jaw drops , hyung is so overprotective. I admit Jungkook hyung was bad at first but were friends now.

"Are you accusing me?" I asked sounded so disappointed because hyung won't trust me.
"Do you like him already?!" He questioned, making me frown.
"Hyung, i will never like him!, he's a friend!.. you know Yoongi is the one i want! Why are you like this hyung!" I defended.

"Remember this Jimin, you are not allowed to have a relationship not until your 19!, got that?!" I nodded in defeat, i know he wants the best for me so i will always have to follow him.

"Yes hyung" i pouted, and try my best not to cry. Hyung hugged me and i return the hug. " Im sorry, im just so worried..please call or text me at times like that"

"Okay hyung..."


30 minutes and my shift is done here at coffee bay. Im tiredu, i need some sleep. Tomorrow after my work i need to tutor Jungkook hyung. I have alot of job to do, but i like it. I wanna help the people that are important to me.

"Jimin, there's a costumer" I nodded and walk towards the counter, looking at the guy who was wearing a mask on. "Jungkook?" I whispered. " Give me, red velvet cheese cake strawberry smoothie and green tea" I nodded as i take his order. "Name?" I asked.
"Mochi" huh?, what kind of name is mochi?.

"Okay, wait for your order sir.." I said and he take his sit. Shit i didn't bring my headphone!, im supossed to have a video marathon at Yoongi's mvs. "Hmm.. what a great life" i mumbled.
"Hey Jimin, here's his order"

"Mochi!" I called. He stands up from his sit and walks towards me. "Thanks" he winks, before getting the green tea, and turn around. "Sir, you left your cheesecake and smoothie!" I said he glance back at me. "The rest are yours.." He stated, before walking away leaving me in shock.

"Woah.. " i gasp.
"Wow, Jimin you got a big tip" Sana said. "Yeah..." Jungkook is nice..


Jungkook's P.O.V

"Yes manager nim, i have a tutor.. im willing to learn now.., yeah, he's nice..and smart. Hmm.. i won't let you down again.. thank you manager nim, goodbye too" I hang up with a smile on my face. Jimin is here in my room, actually in my room's balcony. Ready to teach me.

"Jimin" i called as i walk towards him with a tray im carrying, containg our snacks. "Jungkook hyung, we need to finish early" He stated. "Why?" I asked.

"Tae is sick.. i need to visit him"Again, this feeling when i heard that bastard's name. I feel like his stealing something thats not even mine...yet.

"He'll be fine.."i mutterd, taking a sit beside him." I promised him..."

"You can visit him tomorrow" i suggested but he shook his head. "Ani hyung... i want to visit him today.." hmm.. "i just hummed in response, not wanting this conversation about Taehyung.

"Okay lets start... " i feel pissed, i hate this feeling. Yes i know i like him, but i like him different from the way i like those people I've hooked up. I like their body, but Jimin.. i like his soul, his face, his smile.. everything about him. Is it wrong that im feeling this?.

"You know what.. just go" i muttered coldly. I felt his gaze towards me. "But..- - "
"Just go, if he's that important to you then.. just go"

"Whats with you?.. you're pissed" He commented and his definitely right. "I don't know.. maybe im not in the mood for this"

"Well, im sorry... because. im in the mood for this. So whether you like it or not. Im gonna teach you, i will force you. Im not giving up on you, i know you're smart just....short tempered!" And here we go again...


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