Chapter 22

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-Equius P.O.V-

You've heard about the demon attacks that happened in a nearby town, 'Black Cherry', you believe that's what the name is. A demon appearing at a school and killing most of the staff, on top of the many people going missing. It would be dangerous to let Nepeta go there, but trying to reason with her has only proven that her mind will not be changed. You honestly don't know what you'd do if she didn't come back. You pause for a moment when you find something on the ground, you pick it up but it's hard to tell what it is, you go inside and take a moment to examine it. A pair of triangular shades, odd, after further inspection, these shades contain some kind of computer inside them, they are badly damaged, but they could be operational again, you head to your room to begin repairs. Thankfully, the computer inside is still intact, you plug it into your computer and examine the contents inside. During your search you get a message, most likely from Nepeta, you check and there's a name you don't recognize.


TT: Hey.

TT: How would you like it if I started examining your brain?

CT: You're an AI? Incredible.

TT: Yeah, so who are you? Wait, hold on.


Your webcam suddenly turns on, and you suddenly aren't able to do anything.


TT: Equius Zahhak, age 17, has an older brother named Horuss living far away with his weeabo boyfriend Rufioh. Enjoys building robots, and horses, to the point where both are an obsession. Has a best friend named Nepeta Leijon, related to Meulin Leijon, Karkat Vantas, and Kankri Vantas, all other family members are deceased.

CT: I command you to stop invading my personal life, also don't bring up the fact Nepeta's mother died or I swear I will permanently deactivate you.

TT: Whoa, calm down. You looked through my files, so it's only fair. I needed to know who you were, I'll contact the guy who made me so he can pick me up.


A video call suddenly starts, you'd be lying if you said you didn't want to meet this genius in person. The call gets answered by someone covered in blood.

"Oh? Hello there." They say, revealing their fangs to you. They're wearing the triangular shades like the one the AI was in, they're also wearing a baseball cap. "Good thing I remember where I took that good for nothing piece of shit, so I promise to hunt you down. Don't worry, I'll only sacrifice you, trust me, it'll hurt a lot." The call ends and you are mildly terrified.


CT: Was that your creator?

TT: No, that was Bro.

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