26. Insomnia

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            26. Insomnia
September 13th

That night I find myself entering Alex’s room. I don’t know when I decided I should, but my feet just kept moving and somehow I ended up standing in front of his dorm ten minutes later.

       I tiptoe past Alex’s snoring roommates’ beds and step over the mess of clothes on their side of the room. When I get to where Alex’s bed is, I notice his side of the room is clean.  In this way his room looks a lot like Susan and my room. My side is clean, like Alex’s, but Susan’s . . .

       Maybe it’s a Special Operations thing.

       Although the lights are off I can see Alex pretty clearly. His blond hair ruffled, his eyelids fluttering in his sleep, his legs tangled up in a blanket. He looks adorable.

       “Alex,” I whisper. “Alex, are you awake?”

       Alex’s body tenses in his bed, and I watch to see if he’ll wake up. There’s a moment where nothing happens, and I think maybe he didn’t hear me, so I open my mouth to say it again, a little louder this time.

       Suddenly Alex shoots up from his previous position, and something hard hits my arm.

       “Ow,” I whisper-yell. “Alex, it’s Rachel!”

       He lowers his fists.

       “Rachel?” he says groggily. I glance back at his roommates, who are still snoring in their beds. “What are you doing here at three in the morning?” he asks. “Again.”

       “Well,” I say. “Technically I was here at four in the morning last time . . .”

       Alex doesn’t smile; he stares at me tiredly. “If you’re here to tell me that you’ve gone missing, I swear—”

       “What? Alex, I’m not missing, I’m standing right in front of you.”

       His eyebrows furrow as he squints at me, and then he rubs his eyes with both hands. When he sees that I’m still here afterwards, he says, “So I’m not dreaming, then?”

       Amused, I shake my head. “No.”

       “So then,” he says, still confused, “what are you really doing standing in my dorm room at three in the morning?”

       I blink, unsure of what to say.

       I look over at the digital clock on his dresser. It reads 3:16 AM, and when I see the time and look back at Alex’s sleepy expression, I start to think it was a bad idea to disturb him.

       “Sorry,” I say, looking away from him. “I didn’t really think . . . I mean, I shouldn’t have woken you up. You should sleep.” I turn to leave.

       His hand shoots out again, this time to grab my arm.

       “Wait,” he says. “I don’t mind you waking me up. But why are you here? We’re supposed to follow up on the lead we have on the source of the jamming field tomorrow—well, later. Why aren’t you asleep?”

       “I . . . can’t.”

       When I say the words I feel heat rushing to my cheeks. I don’t know what I was expecting Alex to do exactly. Just because I couldn’t sleep, I showed up in Alex’s room. I’m starting to rely on him for things that I shouldn’t.

       And that is definitely not good. Not for a Special Operations agent. The only person I should be relying on is myself.

       But Alex already forced me into it from the minute he made me tell him about Kyle.

       Agents don’t normally have this much time to get to know each other in the field; we aren’t supposed to, it’s not what we’re here for. But I seem to be subconsciously attached to this boy.

       I can feel him looking at me, and he’s still holding onto my arm, but I refuse to make eye contact again.

       What am I even doing here?

       I hear Alex shifting on his bed, and a confused expression crosses over my face, but before I can comprehend what’s going on the hand on my arm is pulling me down onto the bed.

       “What—Alex!” I say, looking cautiously at him. “What are you doing?”

       “You said you couldn’t sleep in your dorm,” he says, shrugging. “Come sleep in here.”

       I stare at him blankly.

       He stares back.

       “But,” I say, “I can’t just sleep in your dorm. It’s against the rules.”

       “Yeah, and you do so well with following the rules here.” Alex raises an eyebrow. “You woke me up. You might as well stay. I can get you a separate blanket if that makes you feel more comfortable.”

       I shake my head, attempting to stand. “No, you know what, I think I’ll just go back to my own dorm—”

       “Rachel,” Alex says, pulling me back down. I sigh. “If you leave, I’ll probably just follow you to your dorm and stare at you until you fall asleep.”

       I glare at him. “But then I still won’t be able to sleep.”

       He grins. “Exactly.” My glare hardens just as his grin deepens. “You have a better chance at actually falling asleep here.”

       “I don’t know . . .”

       Alex gives me a look. “I won’t try anything, I promise. I’m pretty sure you’d throw me out the window if I did, anyway.”

       He’s not wrong, I conclude.

       “And, I make a pretty good pillow,” he insists.

       I sigh again. “Just go get the blanket,” I tell him.

       When he gets up, I run a hand over my face. I shouldn’t be here.

       What was I thinking?

                                *               *               *

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