Tourney Practice

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Sophia's POV:

I was just sitting on the benches outside, facing the tourney field drawing in my sketchbook. While I snuck glances up to the current practice that was being held every now and then.

"Jay, Ben, offense. Chad, you're defense. Taylor, you're the shooter." I heard Coach Jenkins announce to the players.

"Right Coach!" the player known as Taylor replied back, before getting into his position for the practice.

Placing my sketchbook carefully back inside my backpack, I leaned back against the benches; which were lining the grandstand, to watch the rest of the teams practice.

As I was popping a piece of gum into my mouth, I soon heard the coach speak up again.

"Hey. Hey! Hey, you. Lost boy! Put your helmet on. Get out of the kill zone! Come on." I heard him shout over, towards a lost looking Carlos in the middle of the field.

"Kill zone...wha?" Carlos confusingly replied back, as he made his way off the field.

As I watched them practice, I soon noticed Jay sprinting down through the kill zone and down towards the goal to score. Which he ended up scoring.

Just as the long-haired male scored, he soon did a couple of backflips to celebrate. Typical Jay.

"You! Get over here! What do you call that?" Coach Jenkins continued, "I call that raw talent. Come find me later. I'll show you something you haven't seen before. It's called a rule book. Welcome to the team, son."

"And you? Ever thought about band." The coach soon questioned Carlos who had now taken off his helmet again.

Now that their practice was over, I decided to jump down off the stands and meet up with the two boys before going back to my dorm rooms. And that was exactly what I did.

Goodbye for now

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Also: im sorry this chapter is short guys. I will try to make the next one longer.

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