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I woke up, and put on music dancing around my room before getting into the shower.

I ran out of my strawberry body wash, so I had to use my dad's one that smelled like cheap cologne, but who cares?

I hopped out of the shower and dried my hair, before curling it and putting on my glasses.

I hopped out of the shower and dried my hair, before curling it and putting on my glasses

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I slid on my brown, leather dress shoes and went downstairs.

"Hey Dad." I greeted going to the coffee maker, I grabbed a disposable cup and but hazel coffee with french vanilla creamer. I went to the fridge and grabbed an apple too.

"Hey Clove, how'd you sleep?" Dad asked as he uploaded photos for his work on his computer.

"I slept fine, what are you doing?" I answered, slinging my messanger bag over my shoulders.

"Planning my next trip, this time we are going to Argentina." Dad responded, as he closed his computer and walked out the door with you before locking it.

I looked up and saw Rosalie's red convertible, with Alice in passenger.

"Bye dad, love you!" I yelled as I got into the car.

"Your dad seems nice." Rosalie stated smiling at you from the front seat.

"He is, its hard for me to believe that I use to hate him." I responded, thinking about how rude I used to be to my father.

"Well you guys seem better now, so that's all that matters." Alice jumped in, smiling as she looked at the rainy skies.

"Yeah, I guess so." I mumbled more so to myself, as we pulled started to pull into the school.

We all exited the car and made our way towards Emmet's Jeep, I assumed the guys wanted to ride together.

"Hello beautiful." Jasper greeted while coming towards me and kissing my forehead.

"Hello handsome." I responded, before getting on my tip toes to peck his lips.

"How are you doing?" Jasper asked, though he might already know, due to his ability.

"I'm okay, I guess. My dad's getting ready to go out of town again soon." I stated, looking down as Jasper's arms found their way around my waist.

"But hey, house to myself right?" I asked looking up at Jasper to see a small smirk finding it's way up to his face.

"I think you mean to ourselves darlin." He whispered into my ear, pulling me flush against him as the first bell rang.

All the students in the parking lot rushed into the school.

The Hale "twins" and I made our way to first period, going to our new found, regular seats at the back table.

Sitting down next to Jasper with Rosalie across from us, I felt Jaspers hand slide into my own before squeezing it gently.

Looking down I smiled, it felt so nice having him back. I was thinking about this for awhile, just staring off as I did.

"What are you thinking about?" Jasper asked in a low voice, as to not disrupt the class.

"This will sound cheesy but, you." I answered as heat rose to my cheeks and I looked down.

He pulled my chin up before pecking my lips with a smile. We heard a gag and looked up to see Rosalie peretending to throw up.

"You two are so adorable it's sickening." She stated, while scribbling on a random paper.

"Thanks Rose." I responded smiling up at the sassy blond.

The rest of the period was spent with our teacher going through the syllabus and what supplies we would need for the class.

The bell rang announcing it was time for Lit and film.

Jasper and I entered the room and made our way to the back of the class. The lights were shut off, we were watching the movie "the sixth sense"

It was around in the middle of the movie, and a giant thunder crack disrupted the whole class making me jump, in Japsers arms.

"Scared?" Jasper teased with a smirk.

"Yes, I don't like storms. Their pretty and all but they scare me." I admitted hiding my head in his shoulder. His grip on my waist tightened trying to comfort me.

"Don't worry darlin." He stated, kissing my head, before his attention got drawn back to the movie.

The period was almost over and everyone was packing up their stuff.

"Wanna come over after school?" I questioned looking up at Jasper as I put my messanger bag over my shoulder.

"I would love to ma'am." He responded as you both started to break off for your separate classes. Standing on my tip toes again I pecked him on the lips before running off to algebra.

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