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School was almost over for the week and Soolyeon was anticipating for the weekend. She eventually found Taelee and Reena after her talk with Jisung and they all went to class. It is now last period and she wants to leave.
As soon as the bell rang, she was one of the first students to leave. She packed her bag, said bye to her friends and left. Her mom wasn't going to pick her up today so she decided to walk home since her house wasn't that far.
"soolyeon, wait up" the voice of chan called out to her.
She turned around and waited for him to approach her.
"hey" she said
"hi... Is it okay if me and Jisung walk with you?" chan asked
"oh... I don't mind" she said with a smile
"where do you guys live?" she asked
"oh... We live across Maple Street" he said
"w-what? I live around there too! How come I've never seen you around? And did you say we?" she asked
"haha, to answer your first question, we usually leave early in the morning and get to school by 6:30 and, my mom and dad kept going on trips and stuff so I used to hang out with changbin and jisung a lot. We basically grew up together. Then one day my parents decided to move to Australia and catch up with our family and left me their house. So I told them they can stay with me. And they accepted" he answered
"...... " she didn't know what to say.
"b-but.... Didn't their parents say anything?" she asked
"oh.. Changbin lived with his dad and he never paid mind to him and he just left. Jisung on the other hand.... He..... lost his parents in an accident... He was 7. So he stayed with his grandmother but she said he should come with me because I could take care of him. " he said looking down.
"omg.... Your parents left you their house, Changbin just left his dad and... Jisung doesn't have parents????" she asked again
"pretty much" he said while shrugging.
"...... " she went silent again.
Just then, jisung came running towards them.
"oh hey" he said
"h-hi" soolyeon said looking down.
"what's wrong with you?" he asked concerned
"I told her about our childhood" chan said
"oh..... You don't have to feel bad for us... We're fine.... Okay?" he said lifting up her chin so she could look at him.
"m-mhm " she said with wide eyes as the older male was inches away from her face. He lets go and they all walk home. "wait jisung? What happened to changbin?" she asked
He rolled his eyes and said : "probably at home, taking care of his own self, not caring if someone else cares about him" he said
Chan and Soolyeon looked at him confused.
"what the hell happened this morning with you too?" chan asked
"ha, nothing" jisung replied looking mad.
"okay then" chan said not questioning anything anymore.
"oh hyung? Did I tell you?" jisung said as his face brightened up.
"tell me what?" chan said smiling.
Jisung looked at soolyeon with a smile and she quickly figured out what he was talking about.
"soolyeon acted cute today" he said while chuckling.
"You what?" chan said while laughing
"you don't exactly look like the person that would act cute, hahahahaha" he said again. Soolyeon was embarrassed and she started hitting jisung's arm playfully.
"why would you tell him that" she said with a light tint of red on her face.
"because it was cute" he said laughing.
A bit later
"oh... This is where I live, thanks for keeping me company today" she said waving at the two guys. They wave back and head home.
"isn't she cute hyung?" jisung asked
"she is, especially when she's embarrassed hahahahaha " chan replied.
"but jisung?" chan's expression suddenly changed
"do you like her?" chan asked
"I.... I don't know.... I just met her but, she's really fun and cool and cute. So I don't know " he replied
Chan chuckled and unlocked the door as they reached their house
Entering, they saw changbin on the couch watching something.
"well, I guess the TV is more important than your education changbin" chan said annoyed. Changbin rolled his eyes.
"so how was your hunt" chan asked rolling his eyes as well and hanging his sweater.
"it was fine" changbin answered dryly
There was an awkward moment of silence as neither of them knew what to say to each other.
"I'm going to my room" jisung said walking past both of them.
"now what the fuck did you say to him to make him so mad" chan asked as soon as jisung left
"n-nothing" changbin said softly
"it can't be nothing if he's acting like that. You know what, I don't even care, just apologize and get it over with" chan said heading to his room leaving changbin on the couch. He goes in jisung's room to find him on his phone playing games.
"uhh... Jisung?.... Can I talk to you?" changbin said opening his door
"what the fuck do you want now. I'm leaving you alone, I'm not in your way so go drink the amount of blood you want, fuck" jisung said rolling his eyes
"stop" changbin said entering jisung's room
"stop what? You're the one that didn't want my help or anything" jisung says angrily as he looks back at his phone.
"look, forget what I said, I just wanted to drink in peace" changbin said sitting on jisung's bed.
"whatever" jisung said annoyed.
Changbin lowered jisung's phone and looked at him.
"I'm sorry" he said
Jisung's expression softened and he spoke.
"fine hyung, I forgive you. Now get out of my room" he said while chuckling.
Changbin smiled and quickly disappeared to his room. Chan, who was eavesdropping, heard the conversation and smiled.
The next day
It was saturday and soolyeon decided to just stay in bed. She didn't know what to do. She then see's a message from Taelee
Hey, what are you doing today?

Oh nothing much, you?

Me and Reena were planning on  watching a movie with Haechan and Mark... Wanna come?

Ouuu... Sounds fun. I'd love to come. What time is the movie?

Around 1:30

Alright see you there

"guess I'm going out" soolyeon said to herself. She ate breakfast and went back to her room. It was already 12 so she decided to take a shower. After her shower, she picked out something to wear. "You know, since it's hot outside, I should wear shorts or something" she said

She picked out some regular black shorts and a not too revealing crop top. "this should be fine" she said.
Soolyeon wasn't really into makeup and stuff so getting dress took her about 7 minutes.
"1 o'clock already, I better leave" she said running down the stairs. She said bye to her mom and rushed to the cinema. She then sees her friends sitting on a bench waiting for her.
"finally... What took you so long?" mark said.
"what do you mean what took me so long? It took me 10 minutes to get here" she said confused.
"I could've been playing video games if I didn't have to wait for you" he said while pouting
"oh shut up" she said laughing at his face.
"soolyeon, you look nice" Taelee said standing up.
"oh... Thanks, you do too" she said
"you guys wanna buy some snacks or something?" Reena asked
"sure" they all say.
After buying quite a few things, they all head to the theater and wait for the movie to start.
"what do you guys want to do after the movie?" haechan asked.
"maybe we can hang out in the park or something?" Reena suggested
"sounds nice" mark said shoving popcorn in his mouth. Everyone looked at him disgusted and they all laugh. The movie started and they all came quiet.
After the movie was over, they proceeded with their plans to hang out in the park. They talked about plenty of stuff and played truth or dare and a whole bunch of other games. Soolyeon got home at 7.
"spending the day with these crack heads is really fun" she said chuckling to herself.
K but the part about soolyeon going to a movie with her friends was just a filler part. Hope you enjoyed part 4 :)

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