Chapter 1

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Shirley raced to the front door and fiddled with locked doorknob. She ran over to the nearest chest of drawers and rummaged through it, desperately looking for the key. Something tapped her shoulder, Shirley turned back to see the masked person holding the key to the front door.

Shirley screamed "leave me alone!" as she punched the masked person in the stomach.

Shirley raced down the hall and ran out the backyard door. She then went to the fence and climbed over it.

She started running down the street, all the while contemplating going to the police station. Practically it was just too far; for her to run to the constabulary.  She dolphin dived into a nearby bush and hid.

Minuscule concave beads of perspiration took formation on her forehead as she tried to be as quiet as humanly possible.

She looked through the branches and observed the abandoned street, the bright lights of the lampposts glowed vividly as she waited in suspense.

"My phone!' Shirley thought as her hands darted into her pockets, with dismay the phone wasn't there. Shirley checked all her pockets only to find a five-cent coin and a used bubble gum wrapper.

"Crap! What am I going to do?" Shirley thought. "I can't stay in this bush forever, I have to try and get to the cop-shop."

Shirley took a peek-a-boo through the branches of the bush and checked once again to find the street empty. She carefully climbed out and raced down the street, running as fast as her legs and feet could propel her.

"If I can just get to the corner store, I'd get them to notify the boys in blue." Shirley said to no-one in particular.

After a few minutes of running, Shirley stopped. She felt like her chest was going to collapse and that she was going to pass out. She caught her breath as black spots danced before her eyes. She had never run so fast or so far in her life.

Suddenly a hand clamped her mouth, she tried to break free but the offending hand was too strong. She was dragged into a nearby alley. Shirley kicked the person in the groin region. This caused the person to loosen their grip on Shirley, which enabled her to break free and run away. Unfortunately, Shirley's escape was short-lived as she ended up running into a dead-end road.

"Why are you doing this?" Shirley asked, backing against a wall.

"Because throughout my life everyone has treated me like sh*t! And you were no different!" The killer shouted through their mask.

The mask was the head of a creepy looking wolf, it's yellow eyes seemed to pierce right into Shirley's soul and the expression on the wolf's face sent chills down her spine. As the killer raised a large chef's knife, Shirley sensed this was the end.

"What do you want from me?" Shirley shouted. Hot tears streamed down her petrified face.

"To get you checked off my revenge list," the killer replied, chuckling evilly.

"Who are you?" Shirley interrogated, as she felt a lump forming in her throat.

As the masked killer advanced closer, Shirley's life flashed before her eyes, soon she had felt the cold blade pierce into her and she had blacked out.


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