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(Sexual themes)

I wake up, sweating. The sun had woken me up, it was positioned so it blinded my eyes. 

After a minute or two, I realize an arm is stretched across my torso. Its bent at my hips so its hand was touching my back. I was laying flat, facing the ceiling. I was still pulled closely to somebody's body. I look over,


I start to remember. We got carried away, I move my hands around to feel my chest. My tank top was on, no bra. I still had my underwear on, though. I felt...weird. My stomach felt like it was in my throat.

Alex suddenly pulls me closer, the warmth of his body makes me feel at ease. He's half asleep, I still have time to think. I try to squirm out of his grip, but before long, he was starting to wake up. I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep. After a few groans, Alex was up. I could feel him stare at me,


he sighed. He climbed quickly out of bed, escaping the awkward situation. I laid there and wondered what I should do. Suddenly, the door bursts open. "Wake up!" Alex cheers as he shakes me. I fake groan and open my eyes. 

"Why?" I ask cutely. I have to act the same, act like I don't remember. He blinks a couple of times, thinking. I know what he's thinking about.

"Get up," he says flatly. I turn my head at his sudden change in tone. "I want to use my bed, get up," he grunts as he lunges forward and grabs my wrist. I get dragged up by him tugging, and he basically throws me off.

We both stand there awkwardly because Im basically half naked. I grab my scattered clothes off the floor and rush into the bathroom. I put them on quickly, and look in the mirror. "Shit!" I exclaim, looking at the two prominent hickeys on my neck. 

Im going to have to confront him sooner or later.

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