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The cold air cuts through my mesh shirt easily. Im wearing a small tank top underneath, which doesn't help. I shiver as I walk down the street with Alex. We both decided to walk to cvs to get snacks.

"Here," he says flatly, taking off his jacket. He wraps it around my shoulders, "Thanks." I smile at the ground. "Oh, and sorry I didn't tell you I was gonna...ya know...kiss you," I say sheepishly. His warm voice cuts through our cold surroundings, "Eh, it got good vlog footage."

I smile, "Plus I got two hundred."

He nods as he pulls down his dad hat to cover his forehead. I swing the bag full of skinny pop and doritos so it hits my knees as I walk. I didn't realize it was getting on Alex's nerves until he offered to carry it. 

I gave it to him and put my arms through the sleeves of his jacket. It smelt so much like him. We both walk in silence until we reach the house. 

"You should stay the night," Alex suggests, unlocking the front door. "Why? Its not that late..." I say as I walk past him. He closes the door behind me, "I don't know, its not that safe to walk back. Its already 12:00."

I nod, "David won't mind, right?" I ask. He shakes his head, "He's spending the night at Liza's I think."

He throws the bag on the counter and plops onto the couch. I remember when I locked him out, he had to beg to come back in. Something makes me want to do that again.

He usually goes outside just to check the backyard before he goes to sleep. Thats when I'll do it. I make small chat with him until he yawns for the seventh time. "Im gonna go to sleep," he says, getting up. 

He walks to the back, slides open the door and steps out. I sprint to the door and shut it as quickly as I can. I lock it as he turns around. 

He smirks, "open it," he says. I shake my head. "Do you want me to kill you?" his voice is muffled which makes his threats less scary. 

"How could you kill me? You can't touch my through the glass!" I taunt, spinning around. He gets really close to it, "When I get in," he pauses, "You're dead."

He makes a throat cutting motion. Before I know it he dissapears into darkness. I cup my hand over the glass to try to see, but he isn't there. 

A familiar sound plays in my ears, the front door. I shriek as I run toward it, slipping in my socks. I have to lock it before he gets-

The door swings open. I yelp as I quickly turn and run, not being able to move quickly in my socks. The door slams and locks, he can catch up to me quickly, he's in sneakers. 

I run into the first room I see, Alex is basically behind me. I turn quickly just as Alex grabs both my shoulders and pins me to the bed. This is Alex's room. "No!" I cry out, squirming in his grip. "I told you to let me in," he says flatly. 

I look up, "What are you going to do? Hit me?" I taunt. An evil smirk sweeps across his face, he repositions his hands so they pin my wrists to the soft sheets. "No," he whispers smoothly. 

He closes the gaps in between our faces. Kissing me.

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