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A WHIMPER LEFT HER LIPS AS SHE WAS BACKHANDED BY THE HEAD TECHNICIAN. The dark-haired, nineteen-year-old let out a small cough as she shook her head after the blow, before lifting her chin. The woman stared down at her as she shook her head disapprovingly, loathing the girl for her failures. The scientist didn't know how the power hadn't manifested within the girl yet, because she thought it would've already, but she was angry. Furious that the H.E.S.T.I.A project was already becoming a failure. But there had to be a reason as to why the girl had survived the numerous trials of the drug in her system, and it couldn't be because she was a strong-willed girl. It was because the drug was perfected and the power of pyrokinesis was running through her veins.

The teenage girl pushed herself to a sitting position as she sat in front of the scientists, watching as they spoke to one another about what to do next. She pressed her lips together as she glanced down at her hands, wondering what was wrong with her. She knew what she was expected to do, but how come the power they so craved wasn't appearing? How come she was nothing but this weak little girl and a failed test subject? She knew what would happen to her if they didn't get the results that they wanted.

They would throw her out and call her a failure. Worthless to their cause, or whatever they may be to them.

She hung her head as she heard them talk about what to do next, and all she could hope that it wouldn't be another dosage. The last time that she got an additional dose of the drug, she was so incredibly sick for three days at a time. She couldn't even stand without someone helping her balance on her own two feet. It didn't matter that she was sick, she was still forced to go through their training and their torture sessions, but she was sick. And that was when they even began to think that she wasn't worth their time and finances. That they would be better off finding a new Project H.E.S.T.I.A test subject to continue with their work. But she couldn't let them do that to another person, which was why she needed to fight through the pain and the turmoil that they put her through.

As she glimpsed through her eyelashes at the people in front of her, she watched as they reapproached her again. She stared at them with fear flaming in her eyes as they grew closer and closer to her, before snatching her from her seat. She thrashed in their arms as they hauled her down a hallway, and she knew exactly what they were doing with her. A scream left her lips as she continued to fight, and she said screw it to what she thought before. She wasn't ready to go back through another dosage, she wasn't. Her body wasn't going to accept any more of the chemical that they were going to give her. If it could reject the drug, it would. It would reject it so quickly that it would've never hit her bloodstream.

Her feet began to drag against the frigid flooring before they turned into the examination room that she knew all too well. Her body was thrown down on the operation table and they strapped her down tightly, not giving her any wiggle room as they tied her down. A scream escaped her lips as they tied her down, and she hoped and prayed that someone heard her; even if she knew no one would. That was the downfall of their location: no one could hear her screams.

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