No Pizza for You

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Louis- Daddy
Harry- Papa
Katie- 2
(Niall and Liam are also mentioned)

"Twenty minutes? Okay, thank you so much. Have a good day. . .bye," Harry pressed the 'end call' button on his phone. He had just finished ordering a pizza for himself, his husband, Niall, and Liam, who were coming over for a visit around lunch time. It seemed like it had been forever since they'd seen each other.

Turning around, Harry saw Louis walk in with Katie, their little two-year-old, dressed in cute leggings and a t-shirt. They adopted her when she was only a couple weeks old, and fell completely in love with her. She's very sweet, and is always up for a cuddle or just reading or playing quietly. But she also has a bit of a crazy side, which is both funny and stressful to handle.

"Hello, sweetheart, did you have a nice mid-morning bath?" He asked, walking up to the two people he loved, placing a loving kiss on Louis's forehead, before doing the same with Katie, and then stroking her soft baby hair, which was a dirty blond colour.

Breakfast had consisted of fruit, yogurt, and toast. They had let Katie feed herself, and she had gotten yogurt and jelly all over her face and pj's, so Louis decided to give her a quick bath, seeing as she wouldn't be having a proper bath until tomorrow.

"Yeah," Katie responded in her sweet baby voice, picking at the buttons on her daddy's shirt. Harry chuckled when he saw that Louis's shirt had gotten wet as well. Both fathers had figured out pretty quickly that bathing a baby was pretty much equal to getting in the actual bath, as far as getting wet went.

"Did you order the pizza, Haz?" Louis then asked, bouncing Katie a bit.
"Yeah, it should be ready in twenty minutes. Liam and Niall should be here any minute." Harry responded.

"Milk! Milk pwease, Daddy," Their little girl asked suddenly, realizing her daddies had forgotten to give her a morning bottle. Silly daddies!

"Okay, darling. Let's get you some milk. And thank you for using your manners." Louis said, pecking her cheek. He handed her off to Harry, because he needed both hands to make a bottle.

Milk and other dairy products were a complicated thing for the Stylinson household. When Katie was younger; about a year old, Harry and Louis noticed that she started getting an upset stomach from certain types of milk and dairy products. It was complicated because their were some she could tolerate. Over the past year or so, they've been able to rule mozzarella and cheddar cheese out of her diet, as well as any type of cow milk. Their alternative has been almond milk, and that's seemed to work. Though, they're still experimenting. Harry and Louis keep the dairy that she can't tolerate out of the house, because it would just be too complicated. They do splurge from time to time. Today was one of those days; they had ordered a mozzarella cheese pizza.

Katie whined after a few minutes of being in Harry's arms, intensely staring at Louis with large brown eyes as he prepared the bottle. The curly haired man bounced her a bit.
"It's comin', baby, it's comin'. You need to be patient," Harry tells her.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Katie, Louis was finished. The trio walked over to their leather couch. "Can I feed her?" Harry asked, realising that the two hadn't spent a lot of Papa-Katie time yet today. Louis obliged and handed the warm bottle over to his husband. Harry tested the milk on his hand to make sure it wasn't too hot before bringing the teat of the bottle to his daughter's mouth, who immediately latched on and drank the milk eagerly.

Louis of course took photos of the candid moment as he smiled at the loves of his life. The husbands were hesitant at first with adopting a girl, seeing as girls reacted to puberty and other things differently than men. Though it would be hard, they wouldn't ever change their decision about adopting Katie; she was the apple in both Harry and Louis's eyes.
As Harry began burping Katie when she was finished, Louis heard a knock on the floor. As predicted, when Louis opened it, Niall and Liam appeared with some candy and a movie they were planning on watching while Katie had her nap.

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