The Beginning of The Notes

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-your POV-

The next morning I woke up. I looked over at where Chat was last night but he was missing. I guess his time ran out and he had to go home.  I climbed out of bed and went to do my morning routine. I brushed my hair/teeth, take a shower and pick my outfit for today. 
Soon my mom walked in as I was looking at Pinterest. "-y.n- go get ready we are going to see your great aunt Milacent! And I bet you could help her around her shop!" My mom exclaimed. She knows I like fashion and that's exactly what my aunt does. She's a famous fashion designer in Paris. (Totally got this off of my favorite movie when I was young. Barbie movies are the best 😂) "Yay! I can't wait! Mom, is she nice?" I questioned. I've never met her before so I'm not really sure what she's like. "Oh, you'll see." She smirked and walked away. "Wait! What does that mean?! Ugh..." I groaned in annoyance. "Pack 2 weeks worth of clothes!" She yelled again. I sighed and closed my door. I got out a small suit case and filled it was 14 shirts and 7 Paris of pants because that's really all I have for winter. I lived in a pretty warm place before, this is kinda new. I  put my brushes, lotion, and some makeup in there too.
I finished packing then laid back down on my bed. I was about to text Mari but then I realized we were going to hang out today. I gasped and got up running to my mom. "Mom!! When are we leaving? I promised Mari and Alya to hangout today!" I yelled running down the hall. "We're leaving soon it's a long drive" she told me. "Please can i go to her house for a little bit? I'll put my stuff in the car just pick me up from Marinette's house!" I begged. "Fine but you better hurry" She told me. I sighing in relief. "Yay!" I cheered. "K byeeee!" I said. I put my things in the car then went back inside, grabbing my purse with Cocoa inside and running out the door with my boots and bunny coat on. (At the top) I ran right into Marinette's parents bakery. I panted and rested my arms on the counter top. "S-Sorry... is Marinette home?" I asked between breaths. He mother gave me a cup of water and smiled. "Yep she's up in her room with Alya" she said. I  drank the water and thanked her then went up to her room. I snuck in quietly and peeked my head slightly above the hatch. I stared at them for a second then yelled. "BOO!" and jumped up opening it fully. They both jumped and yelled. "W-WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT GIRL?" Alya yelled when she realized it was me. I climbed in, closing the hatch behind me and laughed. "Because it was funny!" I replied. Mari was having a mini heart attack. While Alya tried to comfort her, I laughed at them both.
For a while we all talked and ate macarons but my mom came by and told me it was time to leave. I got in the car and listened to the music on the radio for a while.

-time skip to your aunts fashion house- (I have been watching the movie since when I first mentioned it. 😂)

Well it's been a few hours and I finally got to her fashion house. And I met my aunt too. She's wild! We talked a bit about fashion alone and she said we would work together later! I can't wait till then, I want to show her my designs now! Everyone talked for a while, then we all went to bed. I slept in a large room at the top floor. It had a big pink wardrobe in it that looked so magical! (Okay I'll stop with the Barbie now 😂😅
A few minutes pasted and I got a feeling that something was wrong. Just like the one I felt in America. I instantly transformed when I knew no one was at my door then i used my power to teleport to the top of the Eiffel Tower. From there I saw a huge clock laying on the ground below the tower. There was a man that resembled pieces of a clock too. He started chasing people around and slowly building onto his clock each time someone was zapped they turned into a small piece of the clock. My miraculous ran out of time and so i transformed back to myself, fed Cocoa then transformed back. Chat Noir and Ladybug were already fighting so I jumped down to help them and landed safely. I got out my sword and went charging at the man.

-another time skip sorry-

I was so out of breath that i almost passed out after i said my goodbyes to my team. I hid in an ally and de-transformed. I found an apple at a nearby store and gave it to Cocoa. She ate while i sat in an ally way.
"Hello purrincess~" someone said from above me. I was about to scream but the voice covered my mouth and shushed me. "Shhh its just your knight in shining leather" Oh. Its just Chat. I sighed in his hand and looked up at him.

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