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Pacing back and forth, Aleena sighed and shook her head. Finally, she stopped and faced her husband. The weight of her emotions made her body numb as her mind raced through every bad scenario possible. And there were a lot of them. 

While many were more dangerous, the most upsetting to her was the heartbreak her son was most likely about to experience. Ian was accustomed to danger, and she had learned long ago that she need not worry about his skills in handling it. But a broken heart was another thing entirely.

Of course, there was still the possibility that he had lost his senses. "It must have been all the time he's spent in the air. All that oxygen must have addled his mind," Aleena said as she wrung her hands.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Jorah asked, "You are sure you understood him correctly? He really feels this way about her?"

Exasperated, Aleena's voice rose as she threw up her hands, "That's what he said. Informed me of his asinine decision and told me it was none of my affair.  I was so shocked by the news that I didn't question him further." Her voice turned to despair. "What is our baby doing? He is going to get hurt! This could ruin his life. A human!" She brought one of her hands to her face as she repeated, "A human."

"Maybe it will be okay. Ian has always swum a straight line."

"He seemed just as shocked he was saying it as I was hearing it," Aleena uttered a small wail. "You know how these things turn out, Jorah, you know!"

To calm his wife, Jorah said, "There was that one girl. It seemed to turn out okay for her."

"How do we know that? She went off with that sailor and was never heard from again! He could have done anything to her. And her poor family, to go through that!" Aleena broke down and in between sobs almost whispered, "And look at Argos."

Jorah's words were quick and harsh. "Hush! Never say that name! That will not be our son."

Aleena bowed further after his words. Jorah, feeling her distress, wrapped his arms around his wife and laid his head on hers. He offered the only comfort he could think of. "Maybe he will keep her here."

"Oh, she will be treated horribly here. He needs to take her back to where she belongs."

"When I saw her, I'd hoped she was here for another purpose," Jorah muttered.

"For ocean's sake, what other reason would there be, my darling?"


Jorah prayed it was not as bad as Aleena feared, but he knew, from her pain, she felt there was no hope for their child.

Every time Ian has left to travel through the ocean's kingdoms to find his Intended, Jorah had wished him well, as a good father does. More then that though, he had longed for his son to find his match almost as much as Ian did. Jorah knew a good match could complete a man,  make him whole.

His arms tightened around his wife. That is what had happened for him, the minute he and Aleena met.

Through the many years, as each time his son had returned in despair and defeat, Jorah had comforted him, assuring Ian that one day he would find her, sure that all this waiting meant his sone was going to find someone truly special. 

But this? He couldn't imagine how this could be anything but a troublesome match. He cringed at the thought that his family line would no longer be pure Atlantian. How would that affect Ian's prospects? Would he ever be able to hold a seat on the council?

Jorah spoke softly to his wife. "I will speak with our son. But he is right, Aleena, a mate is one's own decision to make, not his family's. And if he insists on this, well, just remember we are human too."

Agast, she said, "We are Atlantian!"

Jorah's words came out calm and sure even though they sounded wrong to his own ears. "Which are human."

"Which are better than human," Aleena said as she laid her head on her husband's shoulder.

"Yes, of course, my dear," Jorah said as he smoothed a hand over her hair. "Of course, we are, but we are undeniably connected to them, and they to us. We are charged with helping them. And though we may not know the outcome of that particular situation yet, perhaps we can, somehow, do our part to help this human."

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