Kayla's Dress

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I head over to the mint green section right away. I know exactly what I want. I texted Stacy, our stylist, before we got here and asked if any of her dresses were here. 

Stacy: Yes ma'am! I think they just got that mint green strapless one in this week. You know, the one you fell in love with?! Good luck finding it ;) love you!

I look in the first rack with high hopes. Dress one, not it, Dress two, nope, Dress three, no.

"Hey sister!" I hear Kaleigh. I turn to see her coming towards me with a dress in hand. I look at the dress more closely. It is a one strapped dark purple gown. The one strap is made completely out of rhinestones. I look at the bottom and notice a leg slit.

"Hi Kaleigh! I love your dress, but I need your help!"

She laughs. "Thank you. I'm here to help! Tell me what this ginger needs to do."

"OK, you know that strapless mint green dress that Stacy made for her gown collection?"

"Yes, how could I forget? You literately fell in love with it the minute you saw it."

I laugh. "Anyway, I texted Stacy and she said that this shop should of just got the dress this week! I need your help finding it! Please?"

"OK! Where should I start?"

"Um...I already started this rack so start on the next one?"

"Sure thing!"

"Thank you so much."

"No problem."

Kaleigh walks over to the next rack and starts looking. I continue on the first rack I was on. Dress four, Dress five, Dress six, Dress seven...

"Kayla! Kayla! I found it! I found the dress!!" I hear Kaleigh scream.

"Oh My God!!!! No way!!!!" I scream and run towards her. I can't believe it, she is standing there with the dress. It is just like I remembered it. It is a strapless mint green dress. The top is tight and the bottom is lose and flowey. On the top it has beading but it isn't all over. The beading is on the top of the neckline and at the bottom of my bra line, right under my boobs. It is beautiful!

"Do you want to try it on?" Kaleigh asks.

"I don't need to. I love it and have loved it for months now! Thank you so much Kaleigh. I would of never found it without your help!"

"You're welcome. I'm happy you've found the dress. Want to go find the other girls?" I nod and we go, dresses in hand.

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