Ryouko's POV

"Where are we going?"-Ryouko asked

"Where no one can hear you"-Yukiteru said

"Can you put me down now?!!"-Ryouko shouted

Then the lights explode.

'What the......!!'-Yukiteru said


Reiko's POV

"Where are those two?"--I said

"Their will be ok.Trust me"-Okumura said calmly

"Oh.really.What if Yukiteru do something bad to Ryouko"-Reiko said worriedly

"What?Let's go!!!!!!"-Okumura shouted

"But I thought you said they will be okay"-I said

"Ehh? B-But what if Yukiteru-- Oh well let's just go!!"-Okumura                                                                   Then he pulled my Right hand and ran straightly

"Hey! Pull my Left hand atleast!!"-Reiko

"We have to hurry!"-Okumura

"I really regret telling him that..kuuu"-Me

Ryouko's POV


"W-what did just happened?'-Yukiteru asked

"Huh? What do you mean 'what happened'?"-Me

"The lights..."-Yukiteru asked again

"Were you the one who did that?"-Yukiteru added

"I didn't do anything."-Ryouko said

"There you are!"-Reiko Shouted

"Huh?:-Ryouko and Yukiteru said

"Ryouko-san,I'm so glad that nothing bad happened to you"-Okumura said while running toward Ryouko.

"What do you think will happen to me?"-Me


"*sigh* Ryouko,i don't really know...It was like he have gone crazy when i said 'Oh.really.What if Yukiteru do something bad to Ryouko',Do you two have a secret relationship?"-Reiko

"That's crazy!!"-Okumura said while blushing

"There's no way we would"-Ryouko

"*sigh* oh well"-Reiko


'So they are the four guardians.'A mysterious voice said

'Huh,What was that?'-I said

'Mmmmm.......'Ryouko said then walk

To be Continued..


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